Defined Contribution Plan Detail

New State legislation signed into law in July 2013, effective September 13, 2013, created this plan for certain new non-eligible ASRS employees.  As a condition of your employment, you are required to participate in the Arizona State Defined Contribution Retirement System. 

Plan Requirements:

  • Employee contributions made pre-tax from payroll deduction
  • 8.27% Employer contribution rate
  • 8.27% Employee contribution rate
  • All Employee and Employer contributions are immediately vested.
  • Non-ERISA plan
  • Eligible employee plan enrollment is required, and contribution elections are irrevocable; except by State statute
  • Maximum annual contribution limit is $205,000 in 2013 from all contribution sources under the 414(h) employer pick up rules
  • No front-end, back-end, or early withdrawal charges or loads in the core funds

Plan Features:

  • Asset allocation funds
  • Mutual funds ;  representing recognized fund companies (e.g. Vanguard,  American Funds, JP Morgan, INVESCO, Dreyfus, Ivy, Lazard and PIMCO)
  • Allowable rollovers into the 401(a) Plan
  • May be used to purchase defined benefit plan service credits on a pre-tax basis
  • Allowable rollovers-out of the plan upon separation from service to qualified retirement plans
  • No annual administrative fee per participant
  • A low .20 to .30 basis point tiered asset fee charge on each investment option. Refer to the Investment Performance Report (IPR) for additional information
  • Underlying fund house expenses apply
  • Employees may change investment lineups with no transaction fees or penalties

Plan Payouts:

  • Loans not allowed
  • If participant not age 59 ½, a 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply
  • Distributions must begin no later than 70 ½ if separated from service
  • Payroll Notification
At least 30 calendar days prior to retirement employees are required to notify the Payroll Office.  Please contact the Payroll Office.



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