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In order to ensure applicable information is provided and the correct paperwork is completed, please click on the appropriate link below.  Please contact Jackie Hale in the Human Resources office with any questions regarding the category options at 480-644-3180.

Elected Officials - A person elected to serve on the City of Mesa Council or as Mayor of the City of Mesa.

Full-time ASRS (Civilian) - A civilian employee hired to work forty (40) hours a week and required to enroll in the Arizona State Retirement System.

Full-time Public Safety (Sworn) - A person hired to work forty (40) hours a week in a sworn capacity (Police/Fire).

Part-time Benefited  - A benefited part-time employee is an employee who is budgeted to work a minimum of 40-hours per pay period on a year-round basis (52 weeks per year) thus making the employee eligible for part-time benefits.  A benefited part-time employee is At-Will.

Part-time Non-Benefited -  An employee appointed to perform the duties of a position for nineteen (19) hours or less a week on a year-round basis and is not eligible for benefits. A non-benefited part-time employee is At-Will. 

Seasonal Assignment - A person who is appointed to perform the duties of a position that requires staffing during certain parts of each year. Seasonal employees are hired for a defined period of time in support of a specific program (e.g., Summer Recreation or Aquatics) and shall not work more than nineteen (19) pay periods in a calendar year. A seasonal employee is At-Will.

Temporary Employee - A person who is appointed in either a full-time or part-time status for a period of 90 days or less.  A temporary employee is At-Will.



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