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Results & Photos

Our October 11 adventure challenge is over and it was a blast!!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We hope you join us for next challenge in 2015!

Thank you to Sierra Adventure Sports, the race organizer, for posting results and photos on the "Scavenger Blitz" website. Thank you, Rick Eastman and team, for doing a great job!


The Challenge

You might have heard them called "adventure runs", "scavenger dashes", "goose chases", or some other name, but the idea is to gather 2 to 10 people and set out on a fun adventure that is filled with clues that you have to solve and some crazy physical challenges.  Don't worry, the challenges aren't scary or hard - it's all about having a good time!

Some people approach this as a race and are in it to win, while others are there for the laughs and good times.  Either way, you'll walk away happy and wanting more!

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race photo race photo
race photo  race photo
                                    All proceeds will be
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