Tool Lending Program Sign-up

Requirements for Tool Lending Program:

  • Must be used within the City of Mesa.
  • Tools can be used by residents, nonprofits and any community organization benefiting Mesa.


Each clean-up requires a designated participant to assume responsibility for the following:

  • Pick up/ Return of tools
  • Distribution of the tools
  • Retrieval of the tools
  • Ensuring all waivers are completed
  • Ensuring that all equipment is safely operated


Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

Cell Phone Number

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Relationship

Emergency Contact Phone Number
If Under 18
Parent/Guardian First & Last Name

Parent/Guardian Phone Number
Parent/Guardian Email
Community Organizations and Groups
Name of Group

Number of Volunteers participating in service activity

*Requested check-out Date AND Time
Requested check-in Date AND Time
*Tools are only available for pick-up/drop-off Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  Dates are not guaranteed for check-in/out and are subject to tool availability.  
Tool Inventory List and Picture Directory  
Please indicate the tools requested and quanity needed:
Landscaping Tools Quantity
Square Shovel
Big Scoop Shovel
Garden Spade Shovel
Lawn Rake
Landscape Rake
Garden Rake
Small Hand Garden Rake
Push Broom
Dust Pan
Regular Broom
Pitch Fork
Garden Hoe
Hula Hoe
Hedge Clippers
Lopper Clippers
Trash Can
Painting Supplies Quantity
3" Roller Frame
4" Roller Frame
4" Foam Roller Frame
9" Roller Frame
12" Roller Frame
5 Gallon Paint Grate
Paint Tray 9" (plastic)
Paint Tray 12" (plastic)
Paint Tray 9" (metal)
Roller Extension Pole
Miscellaneous Quantity
Square Storage Bin
Safety Goggles
Water Cooler
5 Gallon Bucket
Garden Gloves
6' Ladder
4' Ladder
Step Stool
Safety Vests
Floor Scrapers
Paint Scraper
Wire Brush