Red Mountain Center Contractor Information

We are looking for Independent Contractors to partner with us to provide instructional classes to the public.

Contractors may provide instruction in areas such as (but not limited to):

Physical Activity / Movement
  • Movement / Dance: ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, salsa, bellydance, pom & cheer, hip-hop, tumbling, gymnastics, baton, hula, social, capoiera, etc.

  • Sports: t-ball, soccer, basketball, mixed-sports, billiards, shuffleboard, etc.

  • Movement and Expression: physical development, puppetry, songs and play, jump rope, parent-tot, etc.

  • Martial Arts: Aikido, Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, self-defense, etc.

Creative Expression / Art
  • Music: songs and play, storytelling, guitar, etc.

  • Art: ceramics, crafts, tactile development / messy exploration, scrapbooking, card making, holiday gift making, etc.

General Interest / Educational
  • Basic Learning: abc's, numbers, language, cognitive development, storytelling, homeschool classes, etc.

  • Computer Learning: general use, robotics, programming, etc.

  • Language: Spanish, Chinese, Sign, etc.

  • Life Skills: cooking, cake decorating, finances, identity protection, positive discipline, self-esteem, positive image for teens, parenting, babysitting, first aid, meditation, home improvement, pet care, gardening, xeriscape, nature, conservation, recycling, aromatherapy, coupon sense, healthy living, nutrition, beginning sewing, etc.

  • We are open to hearing about your ideas!

Please fill out the Contractor Proposal Form and submit in person to:

Red Mountain Multigenerational Center
c/o Dana Hawkins, Recreation Coordinator
7550 E Adobe
Mesa, AZ  85207

Please review the sample Independent Contractor Services Agreement in its entirety before submitting a proposal form.  The Services Agreement contains important details on Contractor requirements and City of Mesa policies.