Slow Pitch Softball

The City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Commercial Facilities Department programs softball leagues four times per year:  Fall (begins in October), Winter (begins in January), Spring (begins in April), and Summer (begins in July).  Each season consists of Men's, Women's and Co-Rec leagues.  A variety of skill classifications are available: 

  • 'B+' (highest skill level of competition - Advanced)
  • 'B' (moderate skill level competition - Intermediate)
  • 'C' (low skill level of competition - Recreational)
  • 'D' (lowest skill level of competition - Beginner)

All new teams must start in the "B" division, unless proof is provided that the team is a lower division team. Any team starting below the "B" division the first season with the City of Mesa and wins their league will be disqualified from tournament play and league awards. A roster must be submitted 72 hours prior to registering in a lower division.  A team cannot register until a roster has been reviewed and approved.  Please submit rosters early, review process will take up to 72 hours.  In addition a team may be dropped from the league without a refund if the team skill level is higher than the average skill level for that division. Please call our office if your new team is requesting to start below the "B" division or if you have questions regarding which league your team should register in.




Softball League Registration

Registration Information:

  • Spring Season Registration - Begins TUESDAY, March 24 @ 8a.m. until April 2. (First Come First Served).
  • Spring season scheduled to begin Thursday, April 9.
  • Call for late registration information.
  • A team must have an online account prior to registration, please visit our website to set up your account.
  • Current League fee is $520 per team for "Double Header" Sunday - Friday.
  • Registration is not complete until a receipt is received.
  • No refunds, unless the league is cancelled.


Bat Compression Information:

  • All players' bats must pass a barrel compression test to play.  Bats that have a RED City of Mesa Adult Sports sticker are legal for use in the Winter and Fall 2015 season and do not need to be tested unless a staff member pulls it to be tested again. If you would like to use a bat that is not yet tested, call to schedule an appointment, 480-644-4196.  Any bat initially passing the compression test and then found to be altered will result in a 10 year suspension for the user and owner of the bat. All bats will need to be tested again for use in the Winter 2015 season as the blue stickers will no longer be acceptable for play.


General League Information:

  • All players must be at least 16 years old as of the first night of the league to participate.
  • All teams are guaranteed 14 scheduled games per season (Double Header).
  • Leagues are offered Sunday through Friday evenings.
  • A minimum of 12 players are needed to register with a maximum of 20.
  • A drop/add period will be in place for three weeks from the initial season start date.  During this period teams may make three additions to the roster.  After the deadline, all rosters will be frozen. 
  • Game times Monday - Friday start no earlier than 6:30pm with the latest games starting no later than 9:30pm.  Sunday games start no earlier than 5:30pm or 6:30pm with the latest games starting no later than 8:30pm or 9:30pm - depending on the season.  Game duration is 55 minutes based on run rules in effect.
  • Leagues will play at only one sports complex (depending on the league):
    • Kleinman - Red Mountain - Skyline
  • End of season single elimination tournament for the top 4 teams may be held at different complexes and on different days.
  • Current league fee is $520 per team.  Sunday - Friday Leagues are all double header.
  • Registration is for full teams only.
  • The top 4 teams in each league may play the top teams from other league/s in the same division in a season ending single elimination tournament.
  • League winners receive t-shirts and tournament champions receive a plaque.
  • All individuals ejected from a game/park will have their name posted on the website's ejection list. 


Free-Agent Information:

Individuals looking to join a team, may be placed on the free agent/players list.  Player information is made available to coaches seeking additional players only.  Free agent listing does not guarantee placement on a team.

Interested in Umpiring?

E-mail Tiffany with your name, contact information and experience.  No need to apply if you do not have a great attitude.

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