Dog Laws

Mesa City Code Book: 
Title 6 - Police Regulations

Chapter 4 - Animal Control Ordinance with Leash Law
Section 6-4-30: Dog Fecal Matter
Any person owning, possessing, harboring, or having the care, charge, control or custody of any dog shall immediately remove and thereafter dispose of any fecal matter deposited by the dog on a public or private property unless the property owner has given prior approval to use said property for this purpose.

Chapter 10 - Public Park Regulations
Section 6-10-3: Leashed Dogs
J. Dogs in all City of Mesa parks, multiuse paths and basins shall be controlled and restrained on leashes no greater than six feet (6’) in length.  Owners of dogs shall immediately remove any dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior that evidences a threat of imminent injury; clean up after pets; be liable for injury caused by aggressive dogs; be responsible for the immediate repair of damage caused by a dog; not be under the age of twelve (12); and comply with all animal control ordinances stated in Mesa City Code, Title 6, Chapter 4. Pertaining to dog parks; owners shall have a leash visible at all times, dogs shall be at least four (4) months of age; licensed with visible tags; leashed immediately if exhibiting aggressive behavior; and not be allowed into a dog park if in season. (4271, 5054)

Section 6-10-7: Enforcement and Penalty
D.  The park rangers shall have the authority to issue citations and notices of violation for violations of the City Code or any City ordinance or any provision of this Chapter occurring in any City of Mesa park or retention basin.  Citations shall be issued in accordance with A.R.S. 13-3899 and 13-3903.

E.  Penalty.  Any person convicted of a violation of any provision of this Chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) or by imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months, or by both fine and imprisonment.



Parks & Recreation home

Off Leash Dog Parks

Mesa's off-leash dog areas are located in Quail Run and Countryside Parks.

Park Hours: Sunrise -10:00 pm

Quail Run Park, north of McDowell Road off Greenfield 
3+ acres
(Closed on Thursdays for maintenance)

Countryside Park,
3130 E. Southern Ave
1.2 acres
(Closed on Tuesdays for maintenance)

The off leash dog areas are completely fenced and feature areas for timid and active dogs, park benches, and water fountains for both people and dogs.

Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pet and are requested to keep their dog under control.

On-Leash Dog Areas

Dogs on-leash are welcome at all City of Mesa Parks.