Quail Run Sports Complex

The Quail Run Sports Complex, which opened in October of 2001, is a multi-sports complex in Northeast Mesa.  Quail Run features a total of eight professionally-groomed sports fields:  4 regulation-size soccer fields, 2 youth baseball fields, and 2 youth softball fields that span over 17 acres.  There is an 18-acre park area that includes a dog park, playground equipment, and ramada.  The complex plays host to programs conducted by the City of Mesa, Mesa Public Schools, various community youth groups/leagues, as well as a number of soccer, flag football, baseball, and softball tournaments and various special events.

Quail Run Baseball/Softball Fields
  • Four-plex consists of two little league baseball fields and two youth softball fields.

  • All four fields have 200-foot outfield fences.

  • All four fields are lighted and have covered dugouts and electronic scoreboards.

  • The two softball fields can be converted to baseball with the on-site portable mounds provided by the City.

  • There is bleacher seating behind the home-plate backstop of each field.  Bleacher seating can accommodate up to 500 people total for the complex.

  • There are two batting tunnels to the west of the complex that can be used in conjunction with a facility reservation.  A special provision must be listed on the permittee's insurance prior to usage.  Batting tunnels are not rented out independent of a facility reservation. 

Quail Run Soccer Fields
  • Four-plex consists of four regulation soccer fields:  320 feet by 225 feet.

  • All four fields are lighted and have berm seating.

  • Non-removable goals are installed on all four fields.  Nets are provided for all rentals.  Corner flags are provided for all adult full size rentals that pay for field preparation.

  • The facility can not accommodate full-contact sports such as tackle football and rugby.

Quail Run General Information
  • The complex has 434 parking spaces, including 10 designated handicap spaces.

  • There is a contracted concessionnaire on-site who will open for business during games and tournaments. No other vending is allowed.

  • During the summer months of April through September, all games must be played between the hours of 8am and 10:00pm.  Facility can be opened at 7am at the earliest. 

  • During the winter months of October through March, all games must be played between the hours of 9am and 10:00pm.  Facility can be opened at 8am at the earliest.