Power Knowledge corridor

Over the last decade, the East Valley population has grown creating a demand for increased educational opportunities from Red Mountain to the Gateway area. In response to the demand, educational institutions such as Arizona State University Polytechnic, Chandler Gilbert Community College, University of North Dakota, East Valley Institute of Technology, along with many others, were established along Power Road. This created a concentrated corridor for multi-generational learning - which is the foundation for the Power Knowledge Corridor.  

The Power Knowledge Corridor has concentrated clusters of activity including institutions of higher learning, university research, cutting-edge information technology, healthcare, bioscience, engineering, manufacturing, and world-class aerospace/aviation technology.


The objectives of the Power Knowledge Corridor are:

  • Create a brand for and promote the educational institutions, activities and businesses within the corridor.
  • Connect educational and business leaders to identify common issues and significant opportunities
  • Build stronger relationships between educational institutions, businesses, and government
  • Grow educational and business options for the future


The Power Knowledge Corridor fits within the four pillars of Mesa’s Economic Enterprise – Healthcare, Education, Aerospace and Tourism (HEAT). Our institutions of higher learning lead the way in our knowledge-based economy with progressive research and a highly talented and educated workforce.

The relatively small geographic size of the corridor provides unique and powerful assets for the clusters of interconnected businesses, institutions and suppliers to contend in today’s fiercely competitive global economy. These assets include accessibility, first-hand information, strong regional relationships, superior incentives, increased productivity and other advantages that create the synergistic environment of the corridor. The Power Knowledge Corridor capitalizes on this synergy to attract new businesses and invigorate and expand existing firms.

The Power Knowledge Corridor has the potential to be known internationally for the collaboration between education, business and government.

What's Happening Now

The focus for the Power Knowledge Corridor (PKC) for the coming year will be to develop and implement an expanded brand recognition campaign that supports recruitment of targeted companies, entrepreneurs and talent.

One of the major parts of this branding effort will be to visually define the PKC through signage both on the corridor itself and along the US 60 Fwy. We will also be developing and strengthening our relationships with higher education institutions along the corridor to promote collaboration, engagement and support of the PKC.

We will convene business and institutional partners on a regular basis to foster relationships and to identify opportunities and barriers for the PKC.

News Archives

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Mesa Councilmember Scott Somers, County Supervisor Denny Barney and Gilbert Mayor John Lewis unveiled new internally illuminated Power Knowledge Corridor street names signs. Representatives from ASU Polytechnic, East Valley Institute of Technology and Chandler-Gilbert Community College were also in attendance. (April 3, 2014)

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