Benefits of Annexation

City Services provided by the City of Mesa include:


  • Emergency Protection (Fire, Medical and Police)
  • Water and Wastewater Services
  • Refuse and Recycling Collection
  • Neighborhood Services

It is the City of Mesa's Policy to provide these services only to properties within the city limits. Owners of property outside the city limits but within the City of Mesa Planning Area (MPA) are required to follow the Annexation/City Service Process to request receipt of City of Mesa Services. The intent of this process is to provide information and guidance for property owners as they prepare to comply with City Requirements for receiving City Services. In accordance with City of Mesa policies, annexation into the City of Mesa will be one of the requirements that will be requested of applicants for city services.


The annexation process is initiated by property owners who wish to become part of the City of Mesa.  The City of Mesa evaluates annexation requests to ensure that, if annexed, the property would meet City development standards (i.e. standards for street paving, storm water detention, utilities, fire protection, etc.) and be a positive addition to the community.

Typically, annexation must be considered prior to allowing connection to city utilities.  If you are interested in receiving City utilities but do not wish to be annexed, please refer to the annexation policy and City's terms and conditions of utility sales.

To determine the potential of having your property annexed, you may contact the staff at 480-644-4273, or e-mail.



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