West Side-Clark Historic District

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places: August 3, 2010

West Side-Clark Home

The West Side-Clark Addition Historic District is located immediately west of the original townsite of Mesa, Arizona.  The general boundaries are west of Country Club to Date and from the north side of 2nd Place to the south side of Pepper Place.  The district consists of four contributing single-family residential subdivisions platted between 1930 and 1947, and a single post-historic, subdivision platted in 1973.  The district takes its name from the West Side Addition, the earliest subdivision platted in the neighborhood, and form the Clark family that was associated with the establishment of three of the four subdivisions.

The West Side-Clark Addition Historic District is eligible for listing on the National Register at a local level under Criterion “A” for its association with community planning and development in Mesa.  The West Side-Clark Addition Historic District is an early example of the process of suburbanization that changed Mesa from an early twentieth-century agricultural settlement to one of Arizona';s larger, sprawling twenty-first-century cities. 

Specific development trends in these four historic subdivisions govern the appearance of the West Side-Clark Addition Historic District.  The pre-World War II subdivisions in the northern part of the district contain the oldest houses.  These represent the first westward leap beyond the edge of the Mesa townsite.  The two later subdivisions, platted after the end of World War II, represents the era of rapid construction and population expansion that characterized Mesa's west side after the War.

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