Requesting Calls For Service

Information on Sex Offenders:  If you are looking for information on Sex Offenders in your area, please visit OffenderWatch. You may also visit the Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Info Center to search for sex offenders throughout the state.


Please use our online request form (link at bottom) to request a grid summary (1/2 mile area). A grid summary will be run for the full 3 months prior to the date of your request. (i.e., you request calls for service on Jan. 14; you will get calls for service for the previous October through December.)  The information returned to you will list how many calls for service there were for calls that had reports written.

If you do not know your police grid, you may find out by entering your address here. You can then include the police grid in the comments section on the request form.

A specific address can be run, but only if it is an apartment or town home/condo community. Duplex/triplex/fourplex units are not considered apartments.  We cannot run specific unit numbers.


  • A normal single grid request of the last 3 months is usually returned within three business days, but can take up to fifteen business days.
  • Any request beyond the normal 3 month grid summary as outlined above may require a Public Records Request to be submitted.
  • If you are a school requesting calls for service for a school property, please complete a Public Records Request and submit to the address on the form.
  • Attorneys ARE required to submit a Public Records Request.
  • Citywide calls for service map can be found at Sex offenders will also be shown on this map.


Go to the online request form



Mesa Police Department
PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211

Main Number
480-644-2030 (M-F/8a-5p)


480-644-2211, option 2