What Can I Do About Drugs In My Neighborhood?

The Mesa Police Department provides several ways a citizen can use to report narcotic-related activity anonymously. However, it is generally preferred that the identity of the person providing the information be given. This will assist officers if arrests are made and testimony in court is required. If a citizen requests anonymity for fear of retaliation or any other reason, officers will conduct their investigation without the identity of the complainant.

A citizen who has a friend or relative they suspect is engaged in narcotic-related activity may also use these reporting options to provide us with any pertinent information. It is not necessary for the investigating officer to know the identity of the complainant. If the identity of the complainant is divulged to the investigating officer, at the request of the complainant, this information will be kept confidential.

If you wish to send information anonymously regarding drug activity within the City of Mesa, information can be reported online, by text message or by using a smart phone app.

If you do provide information, please leave as much of the following information as you can. Any information you leave will remain confidential.


  • Names and descriptions of people involved
  • Addresses/phone numbers at location of suspected activity
  • Drug type, if known
  • Vehicle description/license plate
  • Weapons involved
  • Type of activity observed