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ASCLD/LAB-Legacy logoAn ASCLD/LAB Accredited Laboratory Since 2001

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Forensic Services’ mission is to provide high quality, accurate, objective and timely forensic science examinations, including scientific analysis and crime scene processing, to the Mesa Police Department, other law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice community.


  • Maintain high levels of quality examinations/analyses in the areas of Biology (DNA and Serology), Controlled Substances, Toxicology (Urine Drug Screening and Blood Alcohol), Firearms/Tool mark/Impressions, Fingerprint Identification, Latent Prints and Crime Scenes.

  • Provide technical assistance and case documentation at crime scenes.

  • Maintain databases of relevant information including the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) and Combined DNA Index System (CODIS.)

  • Provide training for police personnel and technical assistance for the field drug testing and driving under the influence (DUI) preliminary breath test programs.

  • Maintain accreditation by ASCLD/LAB


Highlighted "New" for new news items 1/2014 During 2013:

  • Controlled Substances added one new Forensic Scientist who has since completed training in the analysis of plant material
  • Toxicology received new triple quad-pole GC/MS and LC/MS equipment
  • One member of the Crime Scene Unit earned certification as a Certified Crime Scene Analyst.
  • Two members of the Crime Scene Unit received Teamwork Citations for their work on a homicide and serial robbery investigations while the Unit received a Unit Citation for their "professionalism, exceptional high level of service, and dedication displayed during the numerous complex homicide investigations January - April 2013."
  • Our newest Crime Scene Specialist completed field training and was released from training
  • The Photo Lab attended training sponsored by the NIJ, RTI, and Virginia Commonwealth University in 360 crime scene imaging.  On-site and web demonstrations of the technologies were later attended as part of a Department team investigating acquiring these capabilities.
  • The Biology Unit completed its annual FBI mandated audit and one member completed initial training in serology and was approved for supervised casework.
  • Forensic Services as a whole reached several accreditation preparation milestones and is on schedule to earn ISO 17025 accreditation in 2015.

Highlighted "New" for new news items11/2013 KTVK Channel 3 visits Forensic Services during a recent trial.


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