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It is the goal of the Forensic Services Section to provide, within its capability, high quality forensic science services in furtherance of the Mesa Police Department's crime fighting mission for the City of Mesa.


  • Maintain high levels of quality examinations/analyses in the areas of Biology (DNA and Serology), Controlled Substances, Toxicology (Urine Drug Screening and Blood Alcohol), Firearms/Tool mark/Impressions, Fingerprint Identification, Latent Prints, and Crime Scenes.

  • Provide technical assistance and case documentation at crime scenes.

  • Maintain databases of relevant information including the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) and COmbined DNA Index System (CODIS.)

  • Provide training for police personnel and technical assistance for the field drug testing and driving under the influence (DUI) preliminary breath test programs.

  • Maintain accreditation by ASCLD/LAB


Highlighted "New" for new news items10/2012 Members from the Latent Print and Evidence Processing units were recognized earlier this year by the ATF for helping to identify subjects involved in an attempt to smuggle firearms and ammunition.

Highlighted "New" for new news items10/2012 In March 2012, after five years of planning and testing, the Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS) initiated the "lights out" protocool whereby high quality fingerprint records are processed automatically.  The process allows our Fingerprint Identification Technicians to devote additional time to more intensive comparisons of fingerprint records.

Highlighted "New" for new news items 8/2012  In July, the Forensic Services Crime Scene Unit began providing service to Gilbert PD on a callout basis for major scenes.  The lab has already started the process to hire and train a Crime Scene Specialist to cover the additional workload..  Forensic Services also will be providing toxicology, biology, and controlled substance analysis for Gilbert PD once additional analysts are hired and trained.  This process is expected to take about one year.

Highlighted "New" for new news items 8/2012 New technology, improved evidence screening, and revised work methods allow Forensic Services to reduce DNA backlog to two months. (video on KPHO 5)

Highlighted "New" for new news items 4/2012 A Volunteer Crime Scene Specialist was recognized at the Police Department's Annual Volunteer (VIPS) Recognition Banquet for work in promoting the Department, Forensic Services, and the VIPS program.  The promotional work included: helping the Crime Scene Unit present at Mesa Community College, being interviewed by a German news radio show, and representing the Crime Scene Unit at community events.

Highlighted "New" for new news items 4/2012 One of our hand sketch composite artists attended training for using a computer to show age progression, age regression, facial reconstruction, and photo artifact removal.

 8/2011 In July, The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) awarded the Mesa PD Forensic Services Section the 2011 August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award for the category of Enhancement of Forensic Capability by a Forensic Science Provider for the Section's development and implementation of the CAN database (CODIS, AFIS, and NIBIN.)  The CAN database improved the flow of information between detectives and the Forensic Services Section by  ensuring follow up to "hits" generated by one of the three automated databases.


Left to Right: Chief Ron Miller, Topeka Police Department (KS), Lieutenant Craig Walter, Mesa Police Department (AZ), Kimberly Fiorucci, Forensic Scientist Supervisor/Technical Leader, Mesa Police Department (AZ), Chief Frank Milstead, Mesa Police Department (AZ), Stephanie Stoiloff, Senior Police Bureau Commander, Forensic Services Bureau, Miami-Dade Police Department, , Director Yousry Zakhary, Woodway Public Safety Department (TX ) Photograph courtesy of IACP

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