G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods)

November 15, 2014!
4pm - 8pm


G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) is a statewide annual event designed to encourage Neighborhood Watch programs and bring together communities throughout Mesa for a common goal -- to let criminals know that citizens of Mesa are seriously united in the fight against criminal activity. This is a time to turn on your porch lights, go out into your neighborhood, and get to know your neighbors.


When your party is over, send us a few photos of your event to include on our Facebook page! E-mail photos to police.info@mesaaz.gov.


Who can participate?

Most of the parties held are by established Neighborhood Watch groups, but ANYONE AND EVERYONE can participate -- through your own neighborhood, HOA, or community-wide event.

Apartments, mobile home communities, businesses, and residential areas should all take an interest in knowing and protecting their neighborhood. One night a year to get together is not asking much and the benefits are invaluable.


Who plans the activities?

Block Watch captains, apartment managers, activity directors, community leaders, youth, anyone! All you need is the desire to contact your neighbors and get together!


Where do we start?

The first step in planning a G.A.I.N. event is to start early. Plan an exciting event with your neighbors by forming a small committee for planning. Solicit assistance from others and exchange ideas. Planning is half the fun!


Who do we invite?

Please invite everyone on your block, in your community, your apartment community, etc. Keep it a manageable number; don't exclude anyone.


What size can the party be?

Some neighborhoods just like getting together among themselves, while others plan a much larger function, including festivals and carnivals. It all depends on what you and your neighbors want to make it. You can make it as small or as large as you want it; keep it manageable for you.


What are the hours of G.A.I.N.?

Going by the results from the survey, visits by city departments this year will be done between the hours of 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Your party should be at least 2 hours in length and fall within the visitation time. Just make sure your party is up and running by the start time you put on your registration form.

Example: If you say your party starts at 5:00 pm, and City visitors arrive at that time,  your party should be in full swing. If not, the visitors from the City will not be able to return, as they have a set visitation schedule to follow.



If you wish to order barricades for your block party, please call the City of Mesa Transportation Division at 480-644-2160 at least two weeks in advance of your event. If the barricades do not arrive on time or are not picked up after the party, the Transportation Division (480-644-2160) will be able to assist you. After your event, if the barricades have not been picked up in a reasonable amount of time, please contact Transportation so they may contact the contracted company. Please do not call the police department with barricade issues. We will refer you to Transportation.



G.A.I.N. Contacts:

Central District

Fiesta District

Red Mountain District

Superstition District