G.A.I.N. Facts


  • GAIN registrations must be received by the Mesa Police Department. Please do not send your registration to any other City department, such as Neighborhood Services or the Fire Department. Only the police department can register your GAIN party.
  • Registrations not received by the deadline will NOT be added to the list for visits. If your registration is not complete, it will be returned to you to complete. All information must be filled in for us to add your party to the visitation list. Please make sure your registration is complete and received by the Mesa Police Department by the deadline.
  • Due to the scheduling process, please list the exact hours of  your party. GAIN visitations are scheduled 10 days in advance and visiting units notified; we cannot reschedule visits that have already been scheduled should your party times change (that means your party will not get a visit).
  • A MINIMUM  of two hours between 4pm and 8pm will be required for any party requesting a visit. If you list the time of your party less than two hours, you will not be scheduled for a visit. Please make sure your party is up and running by the time you indicate the start of your party on your registration form. It is highly recommended that you do not close your party early because you think no one is coming. Large parties and parties with later run times often get the last visits.
  • List the start time of your party 30 minutes later than expected to give your neighbors a chance to arrive and get things going.  For example, if you start your party at 4:00pm, list your party time as 4:30pm to 6:30pm on your registration form.
  • When listing the location for your party, please list the exact location. If your party cannot be found, the visiting unit will usually leave and go on to the next one on their list.
  • BARRICADES -- To order barricades for your event, please call City of Mesa Transportation at 480-644-2160 at least five business days prior to your event. Do not call the police department. If you order barricades and they are not picked up in a timely manner, please call Transportation. Read Transportation's guide to using barricades here
  • Visits will be made, even if it rains.
  • If your party changes time and/or location, please send an e-mail to redmountaincrimeprevention@mesaaz.gov before November 15, 2014. If your party location/time changes or is cancelled on November 15, please call 480-644-3921 and leave a message.  G.A.I.N. visitations are tightly scheduled; any change in times received after October 10 may result in cancellation of visits scheduled for your party. 
  • Please do not call Dispatch asking where your visiting units are or what time they are coming. They do not have a schedule. Contact 480-644-3921 the week prior to G.A.I.N. 
  • If there is an emergency, or police units scheduled to visit parties are called out for other obligations that happen that evening, you may not receive a visit from a police unit. If the police unit scheduled for your party cannot make it, we will TRY to have someone else stop by.

    As always, there are no guaranteed visits.

  • Please do your best not to cancel your party after the deadline. It takes many hours to collect the data, schedule all units to visit parties, get giveaway items to those visiting, etc. Cancellation after the deadline causes extra work and time for all involved.
  • To reserve a park ramada, call 480-644-4298. There is a nominal fee. Facilities are on a first come/first serve basis. Please be advised that if an inflatable (bounce house, moon walk, slide, etc.) or other rented equipment/items are used, certain guidelines must be followed. Please call 480-644-4298 to obtain a special use permit and submit a copy of your contract with the company in order to have insurance verified. Events of 200 or more people taking place in a neighborhood part/retention basin, should obtain a permit by calling 480-644-4298. You may be required to provide the following items at your event:  port-a-johns, dumpster, trash cans, etc.
  • If you are using a park or retention area, please make sure that there will be lights on and no irrigation for at least 3 days prior to your party.
  • After your party, please make sure to submit your attendance sheet online, by mail or contact your crime prevention officer to receive credit.




G.A.I.N. Contacts:

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