Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested In Mesa

February 24, 2008

photo of Damon MillerOn February 24, 2008 at 11:35 p.m. 44-year-old Damon Wayne Miller was arrested on suspicion of Armed Robbery. The robbery took place that same evening at 5110 E. Southern Avenue in Mesa at 10:26 p.m.

The victim had just locked up his place of business while his wife waited in their car. The victim was carrying a bag containing an undisclosed amount cash. As the victim walked to his vehicle a white minivan pulled up next to him. The suspect, later identified as Damon Miller exited the driver's side of the van and pointed a handgun at the victim. Miller demanded the bag of money and the victim complied. Investigators received information from the victim that there was a second suspect/passenger inside of the minivan who was never identified by investigators.

After taking the victim's money, Miller entered the suspect vehicle and drove away. The victim contacted the police and the Mesa Police Department Air Unit located the suspect vehicle leaving a multi-housing complex at 5210 E. Hampton in Mesa, a short distance away from the crime scene. Marked patrol units responded to the area and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle, but Miller failed to yield to officers. The Air Unit continued to follow the suspect vehicle to 616 S. 96th Place, a residence located in a Maricopa County island in East Mesa.

The Tactical Flight Officer in the Air Unit Witnessed Miller exiting the vehicle and running towards the residence on 96th Place. Several items fell from his person as he ran, including a dark colored handgun. Officers responded to the residence and located Miller hiding underneath the trailer. Miller had an undisclosed amount of cash on his person. Miller was positively identified as the suspect in the armed robbery. The handgun and the cash were recovered and collected as evidence. Miller was booked on suspicion of Armed Robbery. As of this writing, his release and bond status are unknown.

Business owners are encouraged to take extra precautions when leaving their place of business. Be sure that lighting conditions are adequate at night and look for suspicious persons or vehicles that are in the immediate area. Remember that the individuals who commit these types of robberies are well aware that business owners often leave with large quantities of money at the end of their business day. If you see anything suspicious around your business, stay inside and contact your local police department.  



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