Serial Bank Robber and Accomplices Captured

May 27, 2008

The Mesa Police Department booked barricaded subject and serial bank robber, Derek Kyle Nance, 29, on Monday, April 21, 2008.

Police have linked Nance to a total of five bank robberies that occurred from March 27, 2008 to April 11, 2008 across the East Valley. In all of the bank robberies committed by Nance, he would enter the bank and pass a demand note to the teller.

Nance was captured by Mesa Police last Wednesday, April 16, after he committed two bank robberies, each within a brief time period. Nance also car-jacked a vehicle and barricaded himself inside an East Mesa home for several hours. While in the residence, Nance removed his clothing and took several prescription pills that were in the home.

In addition, defendants Christopher Lewis Ashe, 18, and Michael Lee Prescott, 18, were arrested and booked for robbery. Ashe, Prescott and two female juveniles accompanied Nance to the banks where the robberies were committed last Wednesday. Ashe and Prescott told police Nance informed them he needed to pick up money from a friend at a bank. When they drove Nance to a Compass Bank in Mesa, Nance asked Ashe, who was the driver of the vehicle, to park in the back of the bank. Nance further stated he was going to rob the bank and "it might get a little wild." After Nance committed the robbery, Ashe drove him to a Bank of America in Mesa. Ashe stated Nance put on a hat, sunglasses, and a button-up shirt, then walked into the bank and committed the robbery. A short time later, Ashe and Prescott were detained in the Bank of America parking lot by police.

A team effort by all the involved East Valley cities has led to the culmination of Nance's robbery spree.

photos of armed robbery suspects



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