Mother Arrested For Leaving Baby To Gamble

September 15, 2008

photo of Ada SchwartzmannOn Saturday, September 13, 2008, 33 year-old Ada Delrosario Schwartzmann was arrested and booked for child abuse.

Mesa Police responded to Schwartzmann's residence at around 6:00 am, after a report was received that a 10-month-old female was left alone in the home. When officers arrived on scene they were contacted by a close relative of Schwartzmann who lives directly next door. He told police he woke up around 5:00 am and noticed Schwartzmann's vehicle was not in her driveway. The relative advised his wife, who then feared the vehicle had been stolen. The wife walked next door to Schwartzmann's home, unlocked the door and immediately heard the 10-month-old baby crying. The baby was located in a rocking swing with a wet diaper. The relatives then notified police when they could not locate Schwartzmann.

While police were speaking to the relatives, Schwartzmann arrived at her residence. After being read her miranda rights she agreed to speak to police. She stated could not sleep throughout the night, therefore she got up around 1:15 am, placed her baby in the rocking swing and left to a near by convenience store to fuel up her vehicle and purchase cigarettes. Schwartzmann said when she returned home a friend called to invite her to go to the casino. She told the friend she did not have any money, but the friend insisted. Schwartzmann told police she left for the casino around 3:20 am, while her baby was sleeping in the rocking swing chair. She told police no one else was in the home. Schwartzmann confessed she left her child at home alone because she was sleeping well and did not want to wake her up.

The baby was in good welfare and turned over to her relatives at the request of the parents. Child Protective Services was notified of the incident.



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