Serial "Window Swiper" Arrested By Mesa Police

January 25, 2008

photo of Michael WalterOn January 24, 2008 Mesa Police arrested Michael B. Walter, 27, for Burglary in the 3rd Degree. Walter is responsible for at least 16 commercial burglaries throughout the East Valley that have resulted in over $100,000 in loss of property and damage.

Walter admitted to Mesa Police he would enter through a window of the business and use a "unique" window removal assembly method in every incident. This unique method would not activate any alarms that may have been in place at the business. In some burglary incidents, Walter would leave the window to make it seem as if no one had disturbed the area.

The $100,000 in loss and property damage includes stolen checks, completed purchase order forms, electronic items and cash. In some cases Walter would have an accomplice and has taught his method of operation to other individuals.

Mesa Police believe there are several unreported business victims who have been burglarized within the past two years by Walter. The business may not know where the point of entry and/or exit was due to Walter's method of operation.

In all reported cases there were no surveillance cameras. 

Mesa Police want to remind business owners and/or employees of a few crime prevention tips.

  • Do not keep cash and/or checks in a visible area.
  • Make sure it is placed in a secured/locked area. Keep ALL your important business files in a secured location (i.e. completed purchase order forms).
  • Make sure the entire area of your business is kept well lit, especially by any place someone can enter and exit.



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