Mobile Command Post Targets Crime and Community Policing

March 28, 2008

The concepts of community policing are well known to the law enforcement community. In order for a law enforcement agency to remain successful in its crime fighting mission, they must explore different ways to maximize the effectiveness of community policing. Imagine if you could move a police station to different locations on a weekly basis to help reduce crime and increase community involvement in policing. The Mesa Police Department's Superstition Patrol Division is responsible for the implementation of a mobile command post that is placed in a strategic area within their work area to effectively direct and concentrate limited resources into the areas most affected by crime. When it comes to discussing the financial difficulties for law enforcement agencies nationwide the word "limited resources" seems to echo. Utilizing a mobile command post helps to utilize the limited resources available in the most effective way.

The mobile command post consists of working out of a large command vehicle that is placed in a targeted area. The command post acts as a.area for patrol officers where they can attend briefings, pre-book prisoners, write police reports, and receive updated information on criminal activity so they can properly deploy their efforts. Specific resources and manpower are utilized to saturate the targeted area in order to reduce crime. The targeted area is chosen after a careful review of criminal activity within the patrol district.

Patrol squads will conduct their pre-shift briefings at the mobile command post. They will receive assignments within the crime box, targeting specific areas that have seen increases in criminal activity. A Mesa City Jail detention officer will be assigned to the command post to assist officers in the booking of prisoners. The Mesa City Jail is located at police headquarters. Patrol officers working the east side of town often have extended drive times when booking prisoners. Allowing officers to bring their prisoners to the mobile command post where a detention officer and transport van is available will allow the officer to return to the crime box and concentrate on reducing criminal activity. The Traffic Division's DUI squad will also work out of the mobile command post.

This week's mobile command post will be utilized in the Superstition District. It will be located in the parking lot of the Superstition Springs Center from 2:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The Mesa Police Department would like to thank Westcor for use of their parking lot and look forward to a successful and continuous partnership in making our community a safer place.

The Members of the Superstition Patrol Division have done an exceptional job coordinating this program. We look forward to utilizing it citywide.



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