Reminder Of Speed Camera Enforcement In School Zone

August 29, 2008

The City of Mesa, American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) and Mesa Police have worked together to improve the safety for students, faculty and the community. Now that school is back in session, the Mesa Police Department would like to remind everyone of the photo enforcement equipment placed in the Rhodes Jr. High school area.

The photo enforcement equipment was installed to monitor both directions of travel along Baseline between Longmore and Pennington in the Rhodes Jr. High area. The speed detection technology in the system has been synchronized with the flashing school zone lights to ensure violations are captured with the speed limit at 35 miles per hour during school hours and 45 miles per hour during non-school hours.

ATS personnel have collected the total number of violations between May 1, 2008 and August 1, 2008. The following totals have been divided by citations during school hours and non-school hours.


Eastbound Baseline (non-school hours) 470
Eastbound Baseline (school hours) 865
Westbound Baseline (non-school hours) 513
Westbound Baseline (school hours) 638
total number of Violations 2,486


The Mesa Police Department would like to remind the public to be aware of the speed limit in school zones. Our goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate traffic collisions in school zones.



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