Showing Appreciation During Telecommunicators Week

April 17, 2008

The Mesa Police Department is expressing appreciation to all of the personnel in our Communications Center during National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week. Congress has declared the second full week of April as a dedication to all of the men and women who help thousands of people daily at critical points in their lives.

The hard working telecommunicators at the Mesa Police Department handle hundreds of calls daily. The majority of calls taken by our communications center are emergency type calls that entail a lot of emotion and stress. Our telecommunicators continue to do a professional duty in handling the emotions and stress they experience. Calls ranging from robberies to violent assaults to officer-involved shootings are intense situations, and as a citizen we always count on that person who is on the other side of the telephone to help us remain calm.

In 2007, our communications staff of approximately 135, handled around 1,395,000 calls.

Public Safety telecommunicators are definitely the key to receiving the assistance we need from general questions to medical emergencies to catching the suspect who is breaking into your neighbors home. Everyone knows when 911 is dialed there will ALWAYS be someone to answer for any type of emergency. Let's take the time to show our gratitude for all the challenges they have been confronted with and how they continue to provide great service to our community.



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