Doctor Arrested On Two Counts Of Sexual Abuse

June 10, 2010

photo of Dr Gabriel OgbonnayaMesa Police detectives yesterday arrested Dr. Gabrial Ogbonnaya (44) on two counts of sexual abuse. The investigation was opened when two separate adult female victims reported similar contacts with Ogbonnaya.

The victims each reported that they had gone to Ogbonnaya, an Internal Medicine doctor, for general medical services at his office at 2919 S. Ellsworth in Mesa. On each occasion, the victims were shown to treatment rooms where they met with Ogbonnaya. In each case, the reason for the visit would in no way require Ogbonnaya to examine or touch their breasts or vaginal areas.

The first victim reported that when Ogbonnaya came into the room, he placed his forehead against hers and began rubbing her neck and the top of her breasts. Eventually he moved his hands lower and commented that she should "have more sex" as he was tapping her vaginal area over her clothing.

The second victim reported nearly the same type of contact with Ogbonnaya. She said that while in the exam room, Ogbonnaya "patted her vaginal area" over her clothing and told her that she "needs to have more sex."

The two incidents happened months apart and the victims are unrelated and do not know each other.

Based on the similar accounts, detectives believe there could be additional victims who may have come into contact with Ogbonnaya. Detectives are asking that anyone who may be a victim or know a victim of Ogbonnaya to contact the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

Ogbonnaya was booked on two counts of Sexual Abuse, a class 5 felony.



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