Organized Crime Section Shows Impressive Statistics

January 15, 2010

In April of 2009, the Mesa Police Department Organized Crime Section (OCS) was revitalized in keeping with the department's philosophy of targeting the most high profile criminals.

The mission of the OCS section is to dismantle organized crime syndicates and drug trafficking organizations that raise the level of violence, fraud, and corruption in our community.

Mission objectives:

  • apprehension of the organization's leaders
  • destruction of the financial base of the organization
  • disruption of the drug supply or other criminal network


This mission is accomplished through sustained, coordinated investigations, inter-agency cooperation and the use of anti-racketeering (RICO) statutes.

In 2009, the OCS utilized contacts with DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), the HITDA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Task Force, other local agencies, and various members of the Mesa Police Department. As a result of the revitalization efforts, the following significant results have been accomplished:

  • 83 search warrants written and executed
  • 75 felony arrests
  • 50 firearms seized / 1 inert grenade
  • 27 vehicles seized
  • $828,353 in U.S. currency seized
  • 645 pounds of Marijuana seized/purchased
  • 1 gallon of GHB (date rape drug) seized
  • 4 pounds of Cocaine purchased or seized


By continuing to target the top level offenders, the Mesa Police Department and our partner agencies believe we are having the most impact possibly in stopping drug and weapon activity in our neighborhoods.



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