Suspect Arrested For Sex Abuse On The Light Rail

August 25, 2010

Photo of suspect Theo Rogers, Jr.On August 24, 2010 at 9:50 p.m., Mesa Police officers responded to the Sycamore station of the Metro Light Rail for a report of Sexual Abuse. When they arrived, Light Rail officials had detained the suspect, Theo Rogers, Jr., 40, for fondling a sleeping passenger on the train.

Employees reported that Rogers (seen in photo at right), along with other passengers, was on the train when it arrived at the Sycamore station. Rogers exited the train, but then re-boarded and sat in front of another male passenger who had fallen asleep. The employees continued their work outside the train and thought Rogers was acting odd, as they viewed him through the window. At first, they suspected that Rogers might try to steal something from the sleeping victim. However, they were soon shocked when they saw Rogers reach over the seat and start fondling the groin of the victim. Rogers reached over the seat sever times, touching the victim. He would occasionally look around to see if anyone was watching and then continue the activity. At one point, the employees banged on the window to try and get his attention and get him to stop.  He did not seem to hear the banging and continued fondling the victim.

The employees contacted Rail security and Rogers was detained until Mesa officers arrived. When interviewed about the incident, Rogers was not cooperative and requested an attorney. Rogers was booked for one count of Sexual Abuse, 13-1404A, a class 5 felony.



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