Soldier In Iraq Victim Of Identity Theft

August 17, 2010

Photo of Suspect Richard SchrodtWhen a soldier serving in Iraq realized that he was missing $6000 from his bank account in Arizona, he immediately began checking his accounts and credit. At that point, much to his surprise, he found out that he was also in the process of purchasing a new truck.

Richard Burke is currently serving in the U.S. Army and stationed in Iraq. While away on active duty, an acquaintance, Richard L. Schrodt, 21, began using his identity. Schrodt (seen in photo at right) knew Burke from high school and knew that he was away in Iraq. Due to the fact that they look very similar, he was able to obtain a duplicate driver's license and then assume Burke's identity.

Here in the U.S., Burke's mother immediately began checking on his accounts when she received the information. When she saw the inquiry from the Nissan dealership, she called and asked why they were inquiring about her son's credit. She was told that Richard was purchasing a new truck and that he was currently at the dealership to take delivery. As soon as she explained the situation, the management tried to stall Schrodt, but he became suspicious and ran from the dealership.

Detectives began working on the case and on the morning of August 16, 2010 he was located at an apartment in Mesa, where he was arrested. During further investigation, they found that Schrodt had rented the apartment under Burke's name as well. Even after his arrest, Schrodt continued to insist that he was Burke. However, his fingerprints proved that he was Schrodt. He was booked on three counts of forgery and three counts of identity theft. 



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