Mesa Police Advise Parents to Child Abduction Attempts

November 19, 2011

The Mesa Police Department has recently investigated two possible attempted child abduction cases.

First Incident: On 11/16/11 at approximately 1600 hours, two young girls (ages 8 and 6) were playing on the monkey bars at the community park in the area of 110th Street and Abilene. Girl #1 decided to leave and walked west towards an alley way between the houses which leads to another park. Girl #2 attempted to put her shoes on when she noticed a grey/silver car (only description given) park on the street. Girl #2 saw two suspects start to walk towards her location. She picked up her shoes and ran towards the other girl. She told police the black male reached out towards her when she started to run. She was not touched by the black male. She caught up to the other girl and told her to run. Both girls ran to the other park where teenage boys were playing football. Neither male chased after the girls.

Suspect #1: White male, unknown age (only described as young), skinny, wearing a white shirt with a picture of two guns crossed on the chest and blue jeans.

Suspect #2: Black male, unknown age (only described as young), skinny, wearing dark colored shirt and blue jeans.

Second Incident: On 11/16/11 around 1730 hours, the victim (14-year-old female) was waiting outside the gym at Mesa High School after basketball practice for her mother to pick her up. As the victim was waiting she noticed a vehicle pull up and an occupant of the car asked her if she wanted a ride. The victim stated she said "no" and started to walk away. That subject exited the vehicle and started to chase her. As the victim fled, a second subject came out from behind a building the victim was running toward and attempted to grab her. The victim avoided this subject, but was caught by the first subject. The subject grabbed the victim in a "bear hug". The victim fought back striking him in the groin. The victim was able to break free, but in the process tore her shirt. The victim ran to a nearby neighborhood and hid from the suspects.

The vehicle was described as an older, white, 4 door passenger car with a duct taped passenger side window.

Suspect #1: Black male, 17-20 y/o, 601-603, 160-180lbs, approximately 1.5" "Afro" style hair cut, jewelled necklace, wearing black clothes.

Suspect #2: White male, 15-17 y/o, unknown height & weight, w/ dirty blonde hair-"Justin Beiber" style.

Investigators do not have reason to believe these two incidents are connected. With recent investigations of this type in other parts of the Valley, the Mesa Police Department is encouraging parents to be ever mindful of their children's safety. This is not meant to instill fear in the community; however, we recognize the importance of ensuring the families in our City are informed of these type of incidents. Take the time to talk with your children today about being aware of their surroundings and being safe. We encourage parents to go to



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