Suspect Arrested in Homicide Investigation

July 25, 2011

On Sunday, July 24, at approximately 2:15 pm, the Mesa Police Department received a telephone call from a female (later identified as the 25-year-old victim of sexual assault). She told police that she had fled her apartment with her two small children and noticed blood "everywhere." She reported that her friend (28-year-old male victim) was still inside the apartment and she believed he was dead. She was able to provide a description of the suspect and advised he was covered in blood as well. Patrol officers responded and conducted a protective sweep of the apartment and found the lower level flooring and portions of the walls covered in blood. The officers found the deceased victim on the floor in the kitchen area.

The female victim told investigators that the suspect, Jared Noonkester, arrived at her apartment sometime after midnight on July 24. She returned to her bedroom upstairs and slept while the suspect and male victim remained downstairs talking. She said she woke up during the night, exited her bedroom and saw the suspect walking up the stairs toward her. The suspect told her that someone had broken into the apartment and he had "taken care of it" and was about to call the police. The suspect then took her cell phone and directed the victim and her 19-month-old daughter into her 5-year-old son's bedroom. The suspect told her that she needed to cooperate with him or he would kill her.

The suspect began walking up and down the stairs and proceeded to sexually assault the female victim. When the suspect ended the sexual assault, he washed up in the downstairs bathroom and changed his clothes, using clothing he obtained from the victim's bedroom. The suspect forced the female victim and her children into the bathroom and tied the door closed. The suspect then fled the apartment . After a short time, the female victim was able to free herself from the bathroom and fled with her children to a neighbor's apartment. As she was leaving, she observed a large amount of blood on the ground floor of the apartment.

At approximately 5:30 pm, Mesa police officers responded to a call at 454 West Brown Road reference a male subject urinating in the swimming pool area. Officers arrived and made contact with the male subject, identified as Jason Noonkester (see below in photo). They observed reddish stains on Noonkester's clothing and shoes, consistent with blood. Noonkester also had several tattoos that had been described by the female victim in this case. Noonkester was found to have an outstanding parole violation warrant and he was taken into custody without incident. Several items of blood-soaked clothing were located inside his backpack that officers located in the pool area. The suspect did not provide any details of the incident to investigators when he was interviewed.

Jason Noonkester, 35, was arrested and charged with one count of First Degree Murder, three counts of Kidnapping and two counts of Sexual Assault.

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