Red Mountain Patrol Division

Mesa Police Red Mountain SubstationThe Red Mountain Station is in the northeast portion of the City of Mesa. The division services a population of over 157,000 people and continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of the City.

Officers within the division patrol over 33 square miles from Horne at the west to as far east as Higley Road, responding to an average of 8,243 monthly calls for service.

The Red Mountain Station has a staff of both sworn and civilian personnel. This is broken down into the assignments listed below, but can be reassigned according to the needs of the district.

  • 108 patrol officers & supervisors
  • 10 detectives
  • 6 street crime detectives
  • 9 civilians


The Red Mountain District was the first to implement a multi-disciplinary concept to addressing community challenges. The ACTION (All Coming Together In One Neighborhood) team consists of city members from prosecution, Fire, law enforcement, development and sustainability, neighborhood services and more. The team meets to collectively and effectively solve repeat offender problems in the district.

The crime prevention officer assigned to Red Mountain works closely with local businesses, rental properties and the community to help solve crime and nuisance problems in neighborhoods and business areas.



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Red Mountain Patrol Division


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