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Sharing information, stories, and photos online is fun but you can also inadvertently open the door to identity thieves and even burglars.  In a recent incident in New Hampshire, three men used a social networking site to target and burglarize dozens of homes.  They looked for people who had posted that they were on vacation or had indicated that they were not at home in the site's "Places" section. You never know who will be viewing your online information.

Here are some rules to follow when posting information online:

  • Never post anything that you don't want the whole world to view. Sites can be hacked or someone you know may send your private information to others.
  • Think before you post! Do not post false information, do not bully others, and do not post something that you'll regret posting later.
  • Avoid using your full name.
  • Be cautious about posting photos. Photos can be copied by others and used for identity theft.  If you want to post family photos, put them in a private online album accessible only by invitation or password.
  • Do not post your address or phone number.
  • Do not give out personal identifying information online (Social Security Number, Date of Birth, parent's names etc.)


Have fun online by following good crime prevention and safety practices.  For more information download or view our "Social Networking Site Safety" or "Teen Safety on the Information Highway" brochures. 



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