Proficiency Skills

The Proficiency Skills Squad is comprised of one sworn supervisor, four sworn training officers and a civilian driving coordinator. The training officers are all general instructors. Each officer also has certifications in a number of specialty instructorships such as Defense Tactics Instructor, High Risk Traffic Stops, Firearms, Nutrition, Simunition, Tactical Driving and Impact Weapons. The Proficiency Skills squad's primary responsibility is to provide training in all of these areas to the academy recruits and to all of the sworn in-service personnel.

The driving coordinator is responsible for training all Mesa Police Department employees, sworn and civilian, to safely operate department owned vehicles. This training is diverse, covering the high-speed emergency response driving of officers to safe defensive driving in normal conditions. The driving coordinator is also responsible for the care and maintenance of the entire driving track and facility.

By working together and staying current with national training trends and techniques, the Proficiency Skills Squad strives to provide the best training possible to their students.