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Advantages of Natural Gas

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You face many important decisions when you decide to build or remodel a home. Your home should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable.

A home with natural gas appliances can provide greater convenience, more value for your energy dollar, and years of dependable service. Whether using gas for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying or adding amenities such as fireplaces, gaslights, barbecues or pool or spa heaters - gas beats electricity on performance, cost - efficiency and its effect on the environment.

Take a closer look at the many advantages of natural gas. We think you'll find a lot of comfort in them.

  • Home Heating: Why is natural gas the homeowner's undisputed choice in space heating?
  • Water Heating: Are you tired of running out of hot water while showering, cleaning or doing laundry?
  • Ranges and Ovens: Why do the finest chefs prefer cooking with gas?
  • Clothes Dryers: Can gas dryers outperform electric dryers?
  • Fireplaces: Are natural gas fireplaces a better alternative to wood-burning fireplaces?
  • Gaslights: What are the benefits of using gaslights over conventional electric outdoor lighting?
  • Barbecues: Can you enjoy the same smoky flavor without the hassle and mess of charcoal or propane?
  • Pool, Spa and Patio Heaters: How can I enjoy my swimming pool and spa during the winter months?

Before Adding Appliances

Before installing additional appliances to your home, contact the Development and Sustainability Department - Building Safety at 480-644-4273 to ensure your current meter is sized properly to handle the additional gas demand.  Adding gas appliances may cause your total gas demand to be too high for your current gas meter and may affect the operation of your Excess Flow Valve (EFV).  If you need a larger meter or an upgraded EFV, an appointment will be scheduled at no charge during regular business hours.

Home Heating

Why is natural gas the homeowner's undisputed choice in space heating?

Even in the coldest weather, while electric heat pumps may fail to adequately deliver heat, you can rely on a natural gas furnace. A gas furnace delivers air from the vent at about 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be as much as 40 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. Of all new homes built, over 70% use natural gas as the main central heating system. Gas furnaces not only provide comfort by bringing a steady flow of warm air, they also heat your home faster while using less energy. Also, the life of a gas furnace is on average two times that of an electric heat pump. Additional features such as pilot-less ignition and zone heating make natural gas the right choice for heating your home.  So stay warm and comfortable with a natural gas furnace. It is the economical way to heat your home!

Water Heating

Are you tired of running out of hot water while showering, cleaning or doing laundry?

If you're waiting too long for hot water, or even worse, you're running out of hot water too soon, a natural gas water heater is the right choice for you. Whether you're bathing or washing dishes, you want hot water fast and plenty of it. Gas flames provide instant heat, which means a gas water heater heats more water per hour than an electric water heater.  Today's gas water heaters are more efficient than ever, using 35 percent less gas than older models.  That's a significant savings when you consider that water heating is the second largest energy user in the home.  So enjoy relaxing hot showers with a natural gas water heater! 

Ranges and Ovens

Why do the finest chefs prefer cooking with gas?

Because natural gas ranges give you more control over your cooking temperature. With a gas flame there's no waiting for the burner to warm up or cool down. Contrary to an electric range, the cooking stops as soon as you turn off the burner. Foods can cook faster and more evenly with natural gas. The pilot-less ignition of newer models eliminates the need for a standing pilot light. This means that the flame burns only when the gas is turned on, cutting your gas usage by about one third.  So cook with the natural gas advantage - you can enjoy great food in less time.

Clothes Dryers

Can gas dryers outperform electric dryers?

Yes! Gas dryers can outperform electric dryers by more than a three to one ratio. How many times have you taken a load of clothes out of your electric dryer, only to find that some of your clothes are dry, while others are still wet? With the natural gas advantage, clothes dry faster and more evenly as a result of better temperature control from the natural gas flame.  Natural gas clothes dryers can provide significant cost savings without sacrificing performance or features. New high-efficiency gas dryers feature pilot-less ignition, automatic shut-off, sensor controls, de-wrinkling cycles and automatic cooling-down cycles. These features are all designed to save you money.  So use a gas clothes dryer to help keep your laundry looking better than ever!


Are natural gas fireplaces a better alternative to wood-burning fireplaces? 

Yes! Today's gas logs and fireplace inserts are engineered to provide fuel-efficient, fuss-free flames at the flick of a switch. You can enjoy a cozy fire instantly, when you want it, and with a natural gas fireplace, there's no wood to buy, haul, or store, which means less hassle for you, without the mess. Plus logs used in natural gas fireplaces don't produce ashes and sparks which can harm children, pets, or furnishings. Today's natural gas fireplaces have less impact to air quality - both inside and out. With Maricopa County continuing to increase restrictions on wood-burning fireplaces, most people ask "What do I do with my fireplace now?" The answer is simple...convert it to natural gas. Natural gas fireplaces are the perfect solution during poor air quality restricted "no burn" days.

Many gas fireplaces are tested and certified to room heater or wall furnace standards, which ensure a higher level of efficiency and Btu output. In fact many are over 80% efficient, and can heat a sizable portion of your floor plan. Gas fireplaces also offer the benefits of both radiant and convective heat.

Natural convection, often aided by blower systems, draws in, warms and returns room air, which circulates freely around corners and up stairwells. At the same time, radiant heat emanates from the fireplace's surfaces and gently warms objects in its path. Many gas fireplaces feature heat exchangers that boost heat output considerably. You can get all the warmth and charm of a glowing fire, even if the electricity goes out!  


What are the benefits of using gaslights over conventional electric outdoor lighting?

Gaslights operate without electricity, so even during power outages, their comforting glow endures. They offer security and add a warm welcome home in entryways and driveways, on patios and decks, and near pools and garden areas. Unlike electric lights, gaslights don't attract insects, making them ideal additions near natural gas barbecues, as well as outdoor dining and entertainment areas. Today's gaslights are also energy smart. Some gaslights have automatic daytime dimmers, so the burner system reacts to outdoor light levels and responds beautifully from gentle, "barely there" illumination during the day, to a bright steady glow at night.  Why not install some historic gaslights? They offer the latest high-tech features, while re-creating the charm of a more elegant era!  


Can you enjoy the same smoky flavor without the hassle and mess of charcoal or propane?

Yes! There is no propane tank to fill up or charcoal mess! Natural gas controls are right at your fingertips, which gives you easy access to clean and abundant energy for cooking outdoors. Safe, convenient, and reliable - natural gas barbecues will keep your food hot and your kitchen cool.   Natural gas flames provide an adjustable source of heat that can be fine-tuned with precision. Available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, gas grills are easy to use, easy to clean, and are virtually maintenance free. So what are you waiting for? Get grilling with gas!

Pool, Spa, and Patio Heaters

How can I enjoy my swimming pool and spa during the winter months, without paying higher electric bills?

Enjoy your patio and swimming pool more months out of the year with economical, convenient, and dependable natural gas patio and swimming pool heaters. Water temperatures in a spa or pool stay consistently comfortable when warmed by natural gas.

You can extend your swimming season and enjoy your pool or spa in the dead of winter.  Patio heaters are used in exposed outdoor areas to help you enjoy your outdoor living space in the chilly months. They are available in portable, freestanding, hanging, wall-mounted, or permanently installed upright models. Natural gas patio heaters can provide warm and comfortable air for up to a 20-foot circular area. So enjoy outdoor entertainment year round.

For more information about natural gas appliances, please call us at 480-644-3683.