Information and Reports from the Biology Unit

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All requests for DNA testing are first processed for serology. A report will be issued listing all items tested, any body fluids detected, and which items were retained in the laboratory for DNA testing.

Known reference samples and crime scene evidence are processed at different times. Separate reports are issued for known and unknown samples. The reports reference each other if comparisons are made between them. Multiple analysts may be involved in processing a single case.

All items analyzed are listed at the top of the report. Each item is divided into a results and conclusions section.

Results Section: A table of the DNA profile is in this section. On the top of the table is the loci (pronounced low-sigh).  Underneath is the DNA profile obtained.
Loci are named like this:  D8S1179
8= chromosome 8
S = single copy on chromosome
1179= number that this location was identified on this chromosome.

It's kind of like finding your seat in a stadium where your ticket lists the section, row, and seat number.

Conclusions Section
The interpretations are listed in the conclusions section. The report will state:

  • If the DNA is from male and/or female origin.
  • If a mixture of DNA is present and the minimum number of contributors.
  • If individual matches = exactly same profile.
  • If individual cannot be eliminated = profile is present in the mixture.
  • No conclusions = individual's profile is partially present and/or missing at some locations of DNA.
  • Does not match = individual's DNA is not the same.
  • Eliminated = individual's profile is not present in the mixture.