Operation Skyview

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Make your address visible from the sky!  Police helicopter pilots and observers need to spot and identify an address quickly. This will aid in faster response by ground resources. Officers can lose precious time by not knowing exactly which building to respond to.  You can help direct law enforcement by painting big, bold numbers on your business or apartment complex roof top. Roof top numbers can aid in making each approach to an emergency situation a more effective one.

  • Mark the roof with the street address number, i.e., 4179.
  • The base of the address should be parallel to the street to which the building's address corresponds. Include the direction.
  • In larger complexes, mark all buildings with individual building numbers as well.
  • Numbers should be painted in "traffic yellow" or a contrasting color (light against dark; dark against light).
  • Paint should be reflective.
  • Numbers should be between four and six feet in length and two feet wide; spaced 12 inches to 18 inches apart.
  • Numbers do not have to be perfect.