Traffic Section

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The Mesa Police Traffic Section is charged with ensuring that all streets of this city are as safe as possible for its citizens, by enforcing all motor vehicle laws and removing unsafe drivers and vehicles from our roadways.

The Mesa Police Traffic Section was formed in response to the increase of traffic; traffic collisions and traffic related offenses in one of the fastest growing communities in the country. It is dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle collisions. The Traffic Section's 50-member force is able to accomplish this through enforcement and education.  Members of the Traffic Section not only  enforce and investigate traffic laws, but they also educate our citizens through traffic safety seminars and presentations. The Traffic Section also assures that each member of the Mesa Police Department receives the latest training related to DUI and traffic investigations.

The Traffic Section consists of 36 sworn and 8 civilian personnel. The sworn personnel include 1 Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 1 Master Police Officer (MPO), 22 Motorcycle Officers (Motors), 5 Reconstructionists, and 3 Hit and Run Detectives. Additionally some Motors serve as Reconstructionists and Truck Inspectors when needed.

8 un-uniformed civilians include: 6 Photo Radar personnel, 1 Administrative Aide and our new Traffic Program Coordinator regarding new Arizona Law and impounded vehicles. 

Traffic History

Mesa Police used a motorcycle as far back as 1924. This motorcycle was an Ace Sporting Motorcycle and its test speed was a whopping 129.6 mph. In 1935 we used a 41 Overhead Harley Davidson. The first Motorcycle Squad was established March 17, 1978; and the first female officer to "RIDE" was in 1986.


A major cause of vehicle collisions are from excessive speed. The Traffic Section strives to reduce these collisions through selective enforcement in our residential areas and school zones. The department has a growing photo safety program that utilizes cameras to capture violators who speed or run red lights. The innovative equipment is provided by American Traffic Solutions, Inc., and the program is expanding to cover more intersections and school zones and incorporate vehicles who run red lights when making left turns.

In 2014, Mesa had 21 fatal collisions with 22 victims. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY.