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City Code

We are dedicated to collecting the correct amount of City revenue through a fair, but firm, process involving direct collection and education.

Annual License Renewals
The City of Mesa requires each business to renew their Transaction Privilege (Sales) & Use Tax License. The renewal is due by January 1st of each calendar year. 

If the business does not renew their license and is still operating, the business is considered operating without a license.  If the business is no longer operating mark the box on the license renewal form to cancel the license, and include the date the business closed and reason for the cancellation. 
5-10-330: OPERATING WITHOUT A LICENSE: It shall be unlawful for any person who is required by this Chapter to obtain a Privilege License to engage in or continue in business within the City without a license. The Tax Collector shall assess any delinquencies in tax, interest, and penalties which may apply against such person upon any transactions subject to the taxes imposed by this Chapter.
5-10-2: VIOLATION, PENALTY: (2447) Any person convicted of a violation of any provision of Title 5, Chapter 10, Mesa City Code shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) or by imprisonment for a term not to exceed six (6) months, or by both fine and imprisonment. (2447,2466)

How to change mailing address
To change your mailing address, write your new address on your tax return in the center of the form under "Please indicate your mailing address change here."

How to change business name
If your business name has changed please update your information by filling out the License Application form: Transaction Privilege (Sales) & Use Tax License Application and remitting $50.00 for business start dates prior 12/31/08 and $30.00 for business start dates after 01/01/09.
To help process your Tax Returns and Account Receivable Statements in the most efficient manner:
  • Use the forms that we mailed you
  • Use the return envelope and include your tax return and/or accounts receivable statement with payment
  • Write your license number on your check
  • Complete your tax return and written correspondence in a clear and legible manner
  • Sign, date, and include a telephone number on the forms in case we need to contact you
  • File tax returns for all periods even if no tax is due

How to contact Collections
With questions regarding Account Receivable statements the phone number is 480-644-3816.

If you have received an Urgent Delinquent Tax Notice this means tax returns have not been submitted to the City of Mesa.  Complete the missing returns and mail them in with payment.  If you do not have the returns click on Transaction Privilege (Sales) & Use Tax Return.  If you have no taxable income circle the periods and mail in the form.  Sign, date and include your telephone number in case there is a question the staff needs answered.

Questions about filing back transaction privilege tax returns or setting up payment arrangements contact the following by phone or click on the name to email us:

Melissa Gill, Sr. Revenue Collections Officer 480-644-3581
Greg Hess, Sr. Revenue Collections Officer  480-644-5734
Carol Karcher, Sr. Revenue Collections Officer  480-644-5473
Sam Samson, Lead Revenue Collections Officer 480-644-2372
Tanya Spoon, Sr. Revenue Collections Officer 480-644-4568
Patti Oskvarek, Revenue Collections Supervisor 480-644-3570

What if I didn't collect the transaction privilege tax from my customers?
It is the responsibility of the business to remit transaction privilege tax.  Whether you collect it from your customers or not, the tax liability for all taxable business conducted in City of Mesa must be remitted.

What if I refuse to file and pay the transaction privilege taxes?
It is unlawful (a crime) for any person knowingly or willingly to refuse to make a return or fail to remit full amount of any tax or additional tax or penalty and interest. Tax Code Section - 5-10-580: CRIMINAL PENALTIES.

What if I buy an existing business?  Could I be responsible for the previous owners liability?
If you purchased a business the purchaser can be held liable for payment on past due taxes pursuant to Tax Code Section: 5-10-595 Collection of taxes when there is succession in and/or cessation of business. The purchaser should require proof that the taxes have been paid by having the former owner produce a Certificate of Compliance from the Tax Audit & Collections Department.

If past taxes are due at the time of the sale, the purchaser shall withhold from the purchase money an amount sufficient to cover the taxes required to be paid, and interest or penalties due and payable, until the former owner produces a receipt from the Tax Collector showing all City tax has been paid or a tax clearance request form stating that no amount is due as then shown by the records of the Tax Collector.

P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466
Fax 480-644-2687

Collections Fees and Charges
Any person who has a delinquent account maintained by the City of Mesa will also be responsible for all costs incurred by the City in collecting those delinquent funds. This includes a reasonable charge for staff time and any direct costs incurred. (Reso. 9276)


Lien Payoff Requests
Title Companies for lien payoff requests please fax payoff requests to City of Mesa Collections, Attention Patti Oskvarek, Revenue Collections Supervisor and Sam Samson, Lead Revenue Collections Officer at fax number 480-644-2687. 

Please allow at least 10 business days to respond back.   



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