Liquor License FAQs

Who is required to get a liquor license?
Any person who sells liquor in Arizona must apply for a liquor license at the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (the "Dept. of Liquor"). A liquor license application must be filed for any new liquor establishment (a "new license") or for any change in ownership or location of an existing license (a "person transfer" or "location transfer"). 


Who governs the issuance of a liquor license?
Liquor licenses are governed by Arizona state law. Thus, the Dept. of Liquor and the State Liquor Board have the ultimate authority over the issuance of liquor licenses in Arizona.

The seven-member State Liquor Board is appointed by the governor. The liquor board usually does not get involved in the issuance of "uncontested" liquor licenses. However, the State Liquor Board will conduct a hearing on a license application if the Mesa City Council objects to approval of the license.


What are the requirements for obtaining a liquor license?
The City of Mesa follows all State of Arizona requirements.  Please visit Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control or call (602) 542-5141 for more information on license requirements and qualifications.  View the types of licenses and the State fees.

What are the City of Mesa liquor licensing fees?

Application Fee (all series)     $100
Issuance Fee    
     Series 1 - 4, 8 and 13    $2,000
     Series 6, 7   $2,000
     Series 9, 10, 11, 12 $2,000
     Series 14 $2,000 
Annual Fee due Dec 31 of each year  
     Series 1 - 4, 8 and 13  $500
     Series 6, 7, 9, 10 and 14 $550
     Late Fee 20% of renewal fee
     Application Fee  $25
How can I speak for or against a liquor license?
Any person who resides or who owns or leases property within one mile of the applicant's premises may submit written comments or petitions to the City stating whether they are for or against the application within the 20-day posting period. No arguments shall be filed or accepted by the City thereafter. Written comments or petitions should be mailed, faxed, or sent by e-mail to the City of Mesa Licensing Office.

In addition, any person - no matter where he/she lives - who wishes to speak before the Mesa City Council concerning a liquor license application may do so at a public hearing. The City Council holds a public hearing on each application immediately prior to voting on whether to recommend approval or denial of the application to the State Liquor Board.  

What is an Extension of Premises?
An Extension of Premises is an extension of the existing area occupied by the licensee and can be either permanent or temporary.

ARS 4-207.01; Rule R19-1-311 "No licensee shall change or alter the physical arrangement of his licensed premises so as to include greater space or the use of different or additional entrances, without having first submitted a diagram of the proposed alterations for prior approval. (This includes outdoor patio tables within the boundaries of the licensee's property.) The diagram must be submitted for approval for a temporary, as well as a permanent extension of premises."

The State application is submitted to the city where the business is located. Upon approval by the city, the application must be taken to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control for their approval.  

What is a Special Event Liquor License?
A Special Event Liquor License allows a charitable, civic, fraternal, political or religious organization to sell and serve spirituous liquor for consumption only on the premises where the spirituous liquor is sold, and only for the period authorized on the license. This is a temporary license. The applicant for a special event liquor license must complete a state application and file the application with the city where the special event is to take place.

The application will be reviewed by the City Council and a recommendation of approval or denial will be made to the State. The State will make the final decision. Qualifying organizations will be granted a special event license for no more than ten (10) days in a calendar year. Events must be held on consecutive days and at the same location or additional licenses will be required. The license is automatically terminated upon closing of the last day of the event or the expiration of the license, whichever occurs first.

The qualified organization must receive at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross revenues of the special events. A person selling spirituous liquor under a special event license must purchase the spirituous liquor from the holder of a license authorized to sell off-sale; except that, in the case of a non-profit organization which has obtained a special event license for the purpose of charitable fund raising activities, a person may receive the spirituous liquor from a wholesaler as a donation.


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