Special Events

A Special Event is a temporary use in all zoning districts which:

  • Is intended for purposes of entertainment, education, commercial promotion, or cultural, religious, ethnic, or political expression. 
  • Is conducted on public or private property on a site or in an area which may not be specifically zoned, authorized, or otherwise approved for such use on a permanent basis.
  • Is carried on in a temporary structure, or outside.
  • May occur in conjunction with an existing permitted use or as a separate activity.
  • Included events are parades, sporting events, circuses, fairs, carnivals, festivals, religious revivals, political rallies, vehicle shows and displays, and similar recognized temporary activities
  • Shall not include wedding and funeral ceremonies, holiday boutiques, elections, private yard sales, Christmas tree and pumpkin sales lots, and charity car washes.

If you plan to organize a special event in the City of Mesa, please complete the application, site plan and appropriate attachments.   Answer each question with as much detail as possible.  Return application and related information to:
    City of Mesa
    Licensing Office
    55 N. Center Street 

Insurance may be required for your event. The insurance policy must list the City of Mesa as additional insured. The amount required varies depending on the type of event and activities involved. The insurance certificate must be on file with the Licensing Office and approved by the Risk Management Office prior to approval of the special event

The application process time can take from 30 to 90 days depending upon the scope of the event.  Please be sure you apply early.  Our recommendation is to apply prior to doing any advertising for the event. 

The fees for a special event are $100.00 per day with a maximum fee of $300.00.  All fees are non-refundable.  If an event is going to be for more than 4 days or if more than 4 events will be conducted on the same premises during a calendar year,  you must obtain a Special Use Permit (see Attachment E for requirements).  For additional information refer to Mesa Zoning Ordinance 11-31-27. 

If your event requires a tent larger than 400 square feet or a canopy larger than 1200 square feet there may be additional fees involved.  Please contact Fire Prevention at 480.644.2622 for more information.


Application  Note: This is the application only.  Please download the applicable attachments below.
Attachment A - Fire Safety
Attachment B - Liquor

  (Must also submit a State Special Event Liquor application)
Attachment C - Fireworks

 (Must also submit a City of Mesa Pyrotechnics Operators List and Traffic Control Plan, if required)
Attachment D - Parade

Attachment E - Special Use

Attachment F - Streets Traffic

Attachment G - Entertainment

Special Event Letter of Approval
Site Plan drawn to scale - must provide all rquired information


Special Event City Code                                 Special Event Brochure




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