MyMesa User's Guide

With the MyMesa smart phone app users are able to select from a variety of issues that include graffiti, potholes, street sweeping, missed garbage/recycle barrels and a number of other areas that may need attention.  The MyMesa app guides the user through a few questions about the item being reported and then prompts the user to take a picture to submit along with the request.   The MyMesa app also automatically collects the location of the request using the smart phones’ built in GPS so crews can be dispatched to the exact location.      

Please note: 
If it is an emergency, call 911
Do not use this application while driving


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Getting Started:
  • From the menu, select the type of issue or problem to report

  • For each issue, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about the issue or call for issues that need immediate assistance
Issue to Report
For Immediate Assistance:
  • For issues that need immediate attention, the user will be prompted to call the City of Mesa

  • This line is answered 24/7
Follow-Up Questions:
  • The user is asked to select what type of object the graffiti is on

  • If the graffiti is not on any of the options listed, select “Other”


Helpful Notes:
  • Users can add additional information about the issue being reported

  • This information can include a more detailed description of the location or anything else the field technician should know

  • Two types of notes: Text & Audio

  • If no message is needed, select next
image 6
  • A photo is required to submit the issue

  • Additional photos can be taken

  • To take additional photos:
    • On iPhones, select Photo 2
    • On Droids, select “Take”

  • Maximum of four photos can be submitted per report

  • The flash will be activated automatically, if necessary

  • Once completed select “next”

  • After taking the first photo, user can choose to “Retake” it if needed or add additional photos

image 7
Final Review:
  • The review screen allows users one last opportunity to review all information entered

  • Users can go back to change or add any information before it is submitted

  • Once the user is satisfied, press “Submit”
image 8
  • The application will submit the information

  • This process will take a few seconds

  • Once the submittal is complete, the user can choose to submit another issue or finish

image 9

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