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Common Neighborhood questions:

Do you need assistance with determining which department to call for a particular issue or have problems getting in touch with the right person to resolve a neighborhood concern?  Your Neighborhood  Outreach Coordinator can act as a liaison between Mesa residents and the City to help solve problems and address common neighborhood concerns.


Address Search interactive map - find fire stations, police stations, hospitals, schools, and city facilities

Alley Closures

Average Homeowner's Annual Cost Comparison

Affordable housing

Animal control


Barking Dogs (see Animal Control)

Building Strong Neighborhoods program

Cable TV FAQ

Code Compliance (blight)

Code Compliance issue status

Community Facility District (CFD) lookup

County property tax information

Dumpsters/Neighborhood Clean-up



Fly Friendly Zone - Falcon Field

Grocery Carts (Call 1-800-THE CART (843-2278) to request grocery cart pick-up in your neighborhood)

Historic Preservation

Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8 housing)

Housing Rehab

Landlord/Tenant Info

Neighborhood Registration

Neighborhood Watch

Noise Disturbances

Rental Assistance

Reserve a community room

Roof Rats

Street Sweeping


For additional assistance, please contact the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator in your area.  Find the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator for your area.


City of Mesa
PO Box 1466
Mesa. AZ 85211



Police Non-Emergency

Phone Directory of Services

Important Hotlines:              

Silent Witness
Report a crime or give a tip

Gang Hotline
Report suspected gang activity

Graffiti Hotline
Report graffiti

Narcotics Hotline
Report suspected drug activity in your neighborhood

Fraud Alert Hotline
Recorded message of current fraud schemes