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There you are... just who we're looking for! If you got here, we know you're interested in sustainability, green ideas and protecting the natural environment. But sustainability also includes creating a better community, boosting economic growth, and promoting a vibrant social network. Even the smallest act can make a big difference. You've taken the first step by visiting this site where you'll find lots of simple choices for your next step - finding ways to make a positive impact! With your help, ideas, and participation, it will all contribute to building a sustainable community.

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Living Green Events

Living Green Workshop Series


Living Green EventsPassing the globe

The aim of "Living Green" events is to inform the community about why and how to increase the sustainability of our community, and is part of a larger effort by the City to develop and implement innovative programs to address environmental issues and concerns. Library Resources include books available at City of Mesa Library on sustainable landscaping, waterwise gardening, energy efficiency, green living, and earth-friendly building and remodeling.

February GREEN EVENTS - See all that's happening in Mesa.

Feb. 26, VEGETABLE GARDEN DESIGN will be taught by expert, Doreen Pollack at Mesa Community College as part of their monthly Urban Farming: Healthy Food and Healthy Living series. Learn more about this free program.

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-Mesa Urban Garden - there's always something going on at the garden.

-Household Hazardous Waste Events: Check out when our next event will take place


Check back for more Living Green events!



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Featured Green Businesses Located in Mesa

The Little Garden Schoolhouse
Little Garden Schoolhouse

The Little Garden Schoolhouse
2243 East University Drive
This childcare and Montessori preschool has found numerous ways to incorporate sustainability practices, including those that are very important to parents, such as the use of green cleaning products and sourcing children's snacks from local organic farmers. But the list goes on. To reduce their carbon footprint, the school is participating in SRP's Community Solar program. The school's location offers great options for alternative transportation with bus routes and the nearby, soon-to-be Mesa Light Rail Extension. They also incorporate water saving practices and support environmental purchases. The school has even hired local permaculture experts to assist with design of their community gardens and integrative playscapes.

Educational programs for children incorporate the importance of how to compost and the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle! They also offer ongoing parent educational forums that provide dialogue and skill-share on topics of organic green living lifestyles and techniques. An onsite Organic Family Boutique sells locally made artisan goods such as organic cotton textiles as well as health and wellness supplies.


     ER2 Logo

ER2 (Electronic Responsible Recyclers)
730 E. Southern Ave.
ER2, or Electronic Responsible Recyclers is a Certified Electronic Recycler based in Mesa that specializes in computer recycling, end-of-life asset management, office and warehouse liquidation, responsible zero-landfill impact recycling and secure data destruction. ER2 takes a unique approach to sort recycled electronics into two categories: components, parts or whole units that are still reusable and those that can be returned to its original metallic or plastic commodities. The purpose of this process is to reuse and repurpose as many electronics as possible – and keep them out of landfills! Furthermore, ER2 donates computers and educates the less fortunate directly in its dedicated community center.

The recycling efforts of ER2 come full circle with their energy efficient facility that has incorporated reclaimed product into its design. With a goal of sustainability in mind, they also take measures to ensure the conservation of water and energy, both inside and outside of their facility. The company even has a small garden onsite for employees, thus completing its desire to Be Responsible to its Partners, Team Members, Environment and Community.  

     AE3Q logo

1743 S. Horne, Suite # 100
Advanced Energy Efficiency & Environmental Quality (AE3Q) is a women-owned business that helps homeowners and businesses enhance the comfort, health and energy performance of their homes and workplaces. AE3Q’s experienced energy and environmental quality professionals use state-of-the art building diagnostic tests to develop cost effective solutions to make work and living environments healthier and more comfortable. These green renovations also save building owners money on energy bills. The AE3Q team culture is built on a foundation of energy and water conservation, waste reduction, recycling, green cleaning, and using alternative fuels and transportation modes. The AE3Q green team is greening their office and warehouse by upgrading the facility lighting, installing thermal-resistant window treatments, adding solar screens, and replacing improperly installed batt insulation with spray foam insulation to reduce air leaks and improve insulation. 

     Southwest Herb Shop Logo

SW Herb Shop and Gathering Place
148 N. Center St.

The SW Herb Shop and Gathering Place is a 2010 Best of New Times award winner that offers 100% natural body products and a wide variety of dried organic medicinal herbs. The goal at SW Herb is to reconnect and empower the community to heal themselves and their families with organic herbs and products... living life naturally. There are a number of hands-on instructional classes and seminars offered, as well as private consultations with a trained herbalist. The Herb Shop is also committed to a number of daily sustainability practices such as composting, recycling, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

 CNG Services

 CNG Services of Arizona
439 N. Clement St.

CNG Services of Arizona promotes the use of alternative fuels for transportation by giving the public an opportunity to drive with cleaner natural gas (methane). Compressed Natural gas is derived from conventional natural gas sources as well as renewable sources such as landfills, sewage and dairies. Owner and President, David Clement says his company also offers to switch garbage trucks and semi-trucks to natural gas, and states that switching one large truck is the same as taking 324 cars off of the road and can reduce the particulate pollution emissions by about 130,000 lbs. each year.  Natural gas burns cleaner and cheaper than liquid fuels and is a domestic product. David is also the current Chairman of the Arizona Natural Gas Coalition.


 True Balance Wellness Logo

True Balance Wellness, LLC
Mesa, AZ 

True Balance Wellness, LLC offers 100% natural skin care products, wellness consultations, and classes. Linda Curry, herbalist and founder of True Balance Wellness, has a life mission to empower individuals to find balance in their lives through their connection with nature, living their most healthful life possible. Recyclable packaging is also used and product refills are available. The company practices green principles such as the use of a hybrid vehicle, water conservation, recycling, composting and the use of natural cleaning products.


Clean Air Cab
Clean Air Cab
1600 W. Main Street
The first environmentally friendly cab company in the area, Clean Air Cab, is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment and providing a safe, comfortable, and reliable method of transportation. Clean Air Cab uses a fleet of Toyota Prius vehicles, which have low emissions, and boast the best fuel-efficiency in its class. Additionally, Clean Air Cab plants 10 trees each month for every vehicle in their fleet and purchases carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions of their vehicles. Through tree planting and carbon credits, Clean Air Cab is an entirely carbon negative taxi-fleet located right here in Mesa!

Is Your Mesa Business Green?

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