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With over 325 sun-drenched days a year, solar opportunities shine here in Mesa. Enjoy our Solar resource page where you'll find information on how to go solar, ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your home, and some additional, yet creative ways to use our abundant sunshine.

Here we also shed some light on our exciting new projects! The City of Mesa is always looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment. The City is proud to have installed over 840 kW of clean, renewable solar energy and more solar projects are in progress. We are continuously expanding our solar portfolio to pursue a more energy efficient, healthy and sustainable environment for our community.

Solar Projects in Mesa

Helpful Resources


Solar Day is June 21st an international day of awareness celebrating the benefits of solar energy and energy independence. It is celebrated annually on a weekend day before the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year.

Mesa powers City's largest solar facility to date! See press release and photos of Red Mountain Library solar parking structure.

Red Mountain Multigenerational Center - 294 kW being installed in parking lot!  

Apple coming to Mesa looking to convert First Solar Manufacturing Plant to use 100 percent renewable energy!

Solar Pilot Program continues for City of Mesa electric customers! Up to $150,000 in incentives to qualified residents and business owners in Mesa's electric service area.  


Red Mountain Multigenerational Center - 294 kW, expecting $14,000 annual savings in SRP electric charges, providing 44% of the building energy use. 

Fire Station 212 -185 kW, anticipating 67% of the building energy use.

Fiesta District Police Department Station - 272 kW solar system further strengthens their LEED Gold ambitions projected to save 60% of the building energy use. See the real time use!

Fire Station 220 -15 kW at Mesa's second LEED Fire Station. Learn more about this project.

solar panels on roof of FS 219

Fire Station 219 - 5 kW at Mesa's first LEED Fire Station. Note: Solar hot water panels can be seen in upper left hand corner of photo. Learn more about this project.

Sol Focus Panels at CAP Water Treatment Plant

Red Mountain Park - 70.5 kW concentrated photo-voltaic structures and featuring 10 dual axis tracking that concentrate the sun up to 650 times more than traditional solar cells. The system has reduced the City of Mesa's energy bill by $32,000. More photos and details on the project.


Solar rebates for SRP electric customers

Solar rebates for City of Mesa electric customers


Solar Incentives for Mesa Residents Learn what's available from Federal, State and Utility rebate programs.

How to Go Solar Here's a checklist from SRP.

Arizona Goes Solar A collaborative led by the AZ Corporation Commission and implemented by the regulated electric utilities in AZ. Note that City of Mesa electric power is not regulated so not included on this page.

Homeowner's Guide to Solar Electric Systems A great guide on the basics from E-Source.

Homeowners Guide to Financing a Grid-Connected Solar Electric System from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Solar Home Challenge - Free online tool that helps you explore your solar savings potential

Solar Contractors Find a list of local contractors from the Arizona Solar Industries Association Web site.

Energy Efficiency Be sure your home is energy efficient before going solar. Tips from SRP.


AZ Solar Energy INDUSTRIES Association (AriSEIA ) A non-profit trade association representing local solar companies.

Arizona Solar Center Learn about local solar news, events and training available.

Find Solar An online service of the American Solar Energy Society to help home and business owners make the transition to solar power.

DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency): lists state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Salt River Project (SRP) Check out SRP's EarthWise Solar Energy Program.


Photo of Mesa Banner Health

Banner Health completed a $2.5 million solar installation at its Mesa Corporate Center located at 525 West Brown Road in Mesa.


Selecting a Contractor

Creative Ways to Use the Sun

Solar Panels on Roof

Helpful Links When Selecting Any Contractor:

Better Business Bureau Check out the company rating by the BBB.

AZ Registrar of Contractors (AROC) Check to see if any complaints have been filed against the contractor.

Top Ten Tips for Selecting a Contractor. 

Solatube provides natural daylight inside your house which leads to more energy savings. The system is easy to install and usually takes about two hours by a professional.

Solar cooker

A solar cooker can be a fun and engaging way to use the power of the sun to cook your next meal. At full capacity, the solar oven cooks meals in about the same amount of time it takes a conventional oven. Check out this solar cooked meal from a local Master Gardener.

Soil solarization is a non-chemical way to eliminate weeds and diseases in garden or landscape soil. By using clear polyethylene plastic to cover the soil, the sun's heat penetrates the plastic and heats the soil to the high temperatures needed.

Solar clothes dryers can be as simple as 20-feet of rope and some clothes pins. What surprised us were all of the resources on the subject. Who knew there was so much to learn about drying your clothes in the sun. We found links and more links on the subject. If you have HOA restrictions, there are sites for that too. Check out Project Laundry List.



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