Bulk Item Collection Program for Multi-unit Communities


Photo of crew loading a mattress on truck Large items, such as furniture or mattresses, can cause a potential safety hazard if placed in a trash bin.  These items can overload your container and cause it to become unserviceable.

To assist you with your disposal needs, the City of Mesa offers multi-unit communities a special collection program for these items.

Items such as refrigerators, stoves and washers can be picked up through the Appliance Recycling Program.


How much does it cost and how do I schedule a pickup?

Bulk item collection charges vary, depending on the amount of material to be picked up, and start at $19.99 per load (load size is approximately 4'x4'x8').  Multi-unit communities interested in scheduling a bulk item pickup or needing additional information should call (480) 644-6789.  Authorized account holders may also submit an online request.

**Residents should contact their property management company directly regarding bulk item disposal options for their community.


Preparing for a bulk item pickup


  • Designate an area on your property where your residents can place their large bulky items and keep them out of your bins.

  • Notify your residents of their disposal options for these types of items.

  • With the increase in bed bug activity, all customers will be asked if any of their items have come in contact with bed bugs.  There are no additional charges for handling these items.  However, we will require that residents please follow the measures below to make our crew aware of the safety hazard.

    • On a sheet of paper, conspiculously write "BB" so the message can be easily seen by our collection crew.  This will ensure their safety when handling these items.

    • Using strong tape, attach the paper to EACH ITEM containing bed bugs.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, a 24-hour advance notice is required and you may do so by calling (480) 644-6789.  A trip fee of $10.23 will be assessed if items are not out for collection when our crew arrives.

Please avoid the following:

  • Do not place dirt, rock, gravel, cement, shingles, bricks, blocks, oil, paint, batteries, or any hazardous materials out for bulk item collection.  City crews will not collect these items.

  • Do not use bulk item service to dispose of cardboard boxes.  Cardboard can be recycled.  If your community generates a large amount of cardboard material on a regular basis, consider requesting a cardboard bin for your community.  Your residents may also drop off this material at the nearest cardboard recycling site.

  • The City of Mesa does not collect used tires.  If you have automobile tires that you need to discard, contact the Maricopa County Solid Waste office at (602) 506-7060 for the nearest drop-off location.




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