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Picture of Charlie the Chimp Waving
Charlie's Reduce & Reuse Reminder...


With the summertime high temperatures, don't forget to stay hydrated and remember to recycle your plastic water bottles.  For an earth friendly option, consider using a reusable water bottle.

If your school is looking for someone to come out and talk about recycling, I would love to come out to your campus to meet you and your friends.  My Solid Waste team is available to provide recycling presentations.  Just have your teacher contact us for more information.

Your friend,

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P.S.- I'm inviting all Mesa kids to join Club Blue if you haven't already.  By joining Club Blue, you can show your support for recycling and taking care of the planet!


We want Charlie!  How can we invite you to our school?

Teachers/Principals/Educators:  If you would like for me to visit your students at your school to teach them about the concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling, send an email to my recycling friends at the City of Mesa Solid Waste Management Department. They'll be happy to schedule a free 20-25 minute interactive presentation that will help support your environmental efforts.  Students will walk away with a better understanding of how their individual actions impact their school, community and planet.


Where have you been Charlie?
Picture of Charlie in costume parade
I've been marching in costume parades!
If you came out to the Celebrate Mesa Event at the Red Mountain Soccer Complex in October, hopefully you had the chance to march with me in the costume parade.  I didn't realize that Spider Man was that small!

I've been visiting my friends in the Fire Department!
During a visit to Hohokam Stadium to remind Spring Training fans to recycle, I stopped by the First Aid area to say hello to my fire friends and thank them for keeping everyone safe and healthy!
Picture of Charlie with firemen

Picture of Charlie at the grocery store
I've been shopping at the grocery store!

Did you know that a lot of items you buy at the grocery store can be recycled in your blue recycle barrel?  This includes food cans, beverage containers, cereal boxes, detergent bottles, jars and yogurt containers (which of course once contained my favorite yogurt flavor...banana)!
I've been visting Mesa parks!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the train at Pioneer Park (or visit any other cool City of Mesa park for that matter), then you have to do it!  Once you get a chance to play in the grass, breathe the fresh air and feel the sun shine in your face, you'll know why it's important to protect the planet!
Picture of Charlie in front of the train
Picture of Charlie in front of a car
I've been attending local events!

One of my favorite colors is yellow (that's why I love bananas) so I had to take a picture in front of this great looking car!
I like to visit with my friends!

This is a picture of me hanging out with my friends, Wayne Drop and Fredericka the Falcon, at the mall!  The Earth is also my friend which is why I make sure to take care of it by reducing, reusing and recycling.  I hope you'll do the same!
Picture of Charlie with other city mascots

Charlie the Recycling Chimp Coloring Sheet - Happy coloring!



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