Salt River Landfill Electronics Recycling Program


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It's convenient and gives new life to old electronics!


The Salt River Landfill, located at Gilbert Road & the Beeline Hwy, has established an Electronics Recycling Program for the safe and proper disposal of no longer needed electronic equipment.  Items are accepted Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m.-5 p.m.  While most electronics are accepted at no charge*, special recycling fees will be assessed for certain items (such as televisions and computer monitors) and must be paid during your visit.  Please visit the Salt River Landfill disposal fee page for more information.

Computer Equipment: PC's, laptops, CRT monitors, flat panel monitors, modems, switches, hubs and routers, storage.ces, main frames, servers, power supplies, tape libraries, circuit boards, power cords, printers, wire and cabling, surplus metals, mice, keyboards, hard drives, floppy, DVD and CD drives, etc.

Telecom Equipment: Telephones, cell phones, switches, phone systems, CSU/DSU multiplexing equipment, answering systems, etc.

Point of Sale Equipment: Credit card machines, scanners, etc.

Printing Equipment: Fax machines and copiers, calculators, typewriters and printers

Audio/Visual Equipment: Stereos, radios, televisions, amplifiers, projectors, satellite and cable equipment, video equipment, video game equipment, etc.

Batteries: Alkaline, nickel cadmium, lead acid, lithium, etc.

Electronic Components: Capacitors, diodes, resistors, transistors and integrated circuits, etc.  

Miscellaneous Electronic Items: Test equipment, lab equipment, medical equipment, cables and wire, connectors, etc.

Surplus Metals, Wire and Cable: Aluminum, copper wire, etc.

* Eligible 'no-charge' electronics will be accepted at no charge IF no other items are brought to the landfill for disposal during the same visit.  If a resident brings in a combination of trash and electronics, all materials, including electronics, will be charged the appropriate landfill disposal fee.

For more information, call the Salt River Landfill at (480) 941-3427.




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