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Mesa releases 2011 water quality report  
The City of Mesa has released its 2011 Water Quality Report and results show the City's drinking water meets or exceeds every health standard developed by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Mesa's Water Quality Report is prepared by the City's Water Resources Department to meet the EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). It details drinking water sources, the testing methodology, the substances detected in the water and the levels of those substances.

 "As a desert community, a safe, reliable water supply is critical for the health and welfare of our citizens, the prosperity of our businesses and our quality of life," Water Resources Department Director Kathryn Sorensen said. "We are proud to deliver high quality drinking water to our customers."

Mesa has been serving water to the community for more than 100 years and is committed to providing its customers with water that meets more than 100 state and federal drinking water standards. The City draws its source water from the Salt and Verde rivers through the Salt River Project (SRP), Colorado River water from the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and from 30 wells that supply groundwater throughout the entire City.

Each year, the City produces and sends the publication to its water customers by July 1 in response to provisions of the EPAs Safe Drinking Water Act.

2011 Water Quality Report

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