Water Meter Leak Detection

Often customers are not aware they can check for water leaks using the water meter at their home or business. All newer water meters have a triangle leak detection hand on the meter face.

water meterHow to use the leak detection hand on the water meter
Locate the water meter. It will be either in the front of the property or in the back if an alley is present. Most new meters are in the front near the sidewalk or curb. The meter will be in a concrete or plastic box with a lid on it.

Remove the meter box lid and find the face of the water meter. Depending on the meter brand, the leak detection hand may be silver, black or red. If the triangle is showing any movement at all, a leak may exist. Customers with automatic pool fillers and evaporative coolers need to check and see if these are running water during the leak check.

The leak check only checks for leaks when no water is being used in the piping. Water leaks can still exist in landscape irrigation systems and other water using
.ces when they are operating. These should
be checked for proper operation when running.

To report a leak, call (480) 644-2262.