How are ordinances passed?

Every proposed ordinance is introduced in writing in the form that is necessary for adoption.

  1. An ordinance may be introduced by any Councilmember at any regular meeting. Upon introduction of any ordinance copies are distributed to the City Council. Copies of the proposed ordinance are available to the public in the City Clerk's office along with a posting of the same information in the newspaper.
  2. A public hearing follows the publication by at least six days and is held during a regular Council meeting. At this time anyone has the right to speak on the issue.
  3. After the public meeting, the Council may adopt the ordinance or deny it. If there are any changes to the ordinance the Council will not accept the ordinance until the changes have been subjected to all the procedures needed in the case of a newly introduced ordinance.
  4. All adopted ordinances are publicly posted and published within two weeks following the adoption.
    All ordinances are effective thirty (30) days after adoption.

An Example

An example of how kids in Mesa got involved in the process of a new ordinance came up in 1999 when go-peds became extremely popular.  There were many complaints from residents about kids riding go-peds without any road rules. 

After public comment, the City Council asked the City Attorney and Police Department to draft an ordinance for the proper use of go-peds.  At a formal Council meeting, the proposed go-ped ordinance was introduced. 

Several kids that live in Mesa attended the  meeting.  Each boy or girl filled out a "request to comment" slip and then came before the Mayor and Councilmembers to speak their views on the use of go-peds.  Many of the kids came well prepared and offered good information and thoughtful ideas on how to make riding go-peds safe for the riders. 

Because safety was a main concern for the Council, a section of the ordinance provides information on what equipment is necessary to wear while riding a go-ped. 

If you would like to view this ordinance, search for "go-ped" and follow the links.



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