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Before the Fireworks at AZ Celebration of Freedom
East Valley Veterans Parade
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Hacktivate Mesa

Who is participating? Local area high school students, HeatSync Labs, MCC, ASU, and local businesses.

What is the purpose? Introduce high school students to data science, develop skills in analyzing and presenting, and how to discover solutions using data to community issues.

How will participants be organized? Participants organized into teams of 5-6 based on their HS. Each HS may have up to 3 teams. Teams mentored by data science experts from local colleges, businesses and the
community. Teams will have access to data and software tools to analyze the data. Students will bring their
MPS provided laptops.

What will teams work on? The event will focus on the following community issues:
• Having fun in my community, specifically downtown Mesa
• Homelessness in my community, helping and lifting others
• Opioid epidemic in my community
• Sustainability in my community, balancing needs of the planet, profit and people
• Recycling in my community
• Safety and health in my community

Is it a competition? Teams present the issue they worked on, data used, how they analyzed the data, what they learned about the issue, what patterns or trends the data suggested about the
issue, and recommendations for next steps. Awards for best presentations will be given.

What are the desired outcomes of the event?
1. Spark critical thinking about community issues, and how data can provide a structure in
thinking about and solving community issues.
2. Develop data skills such as how to analyze and present data.
3. Increase awareness about the availability of data from the City of Mesa.

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